11/16/2016 Student Government Meeting

StuGov Meeting Agenda

Date: November 16th, 2016 at 2:45pm.

  • Welcome
  • Co-President’s Address
    1. LCME Survey
      1. LCME survey is complete. We are putting together all the subsets and sending it to administration.
      2. SLC meeting is rescheduled to next week.
    2. Current Agendas
      1. Candle Light Vigil – November 28 at 6:30 PM.
        1. Thank you cards in Student Center to be signed for families of donors. Watch for rules about things to write in the cards.
        2. 1 card per donor (say loved one, not donor!)
      2. Intercollegiate Community Service –Toy Drive with School of Health Professions and Graduate School for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
        1. There will be boxes in front of the Student Center, carrels, and lecture halls for the toy drive – everything will go to Scottish Rite (this is a UTSW wide event)
      3.  Therapy Dogs Event
        1. We want to have therapy dogs on campus before O&H final.
      4.  MS2 Election
        1. MS2 election will be in early December.
  • Proposals
    1. Constitution Amendment for Subcommittees Section
      1. We are adding an amendment to the Constitution – you will have to submit a form that the co-presidents will look at.
    2. DART Subcommittee (Mahmoud)
      1. This committee will serve to increase student awareness on substance abuse and mental health and to educate the student body on social responsibility. We will coordinate with the mental health office as well as talk amongst ourselves and have open discussions with students.
      2. The subcommittee form will be submitted and the committee will be voted on next time.
  • Committee Updates
    1. Research Committee (Mahmoud and Umaru)
      1. Meeting today to go over the basis of the research committee before we invite people. Future meeting with Dr. Galindo.
    2. “Big Siblings” Committee (Sanjana and Alex)
      1. They met with Dr. Mihalic, who told them they used to do 1:1 pairings of big siblings and MS1s and it did not work well so she wasn’t really in favor of adding a new program but she we can amend the current system.
      2. Before students enter med school (before Pre-OP), they have trouble figuring out immunization, housing, etc. – it would be beneficial to have a single contact person who emails you periodically, kind of like a welcoming committee to help people adjust and form organic friendships.
      3. Wellness event timings should be shifted ahead and happen earlier.
    3.  UTSW Institutional Leadership Group (Al, Rodney)
      1. Meeting in December to solidify spring calendar. 
  • StuGov Updates
    1. Social Chairs (Ajay, Pooja, Connor)
      1. Prom at the W Hotel.
      2. Goal is to sell 400 tickets.
      3. We want to send out invites to all PT, PA students, etc.
      4. Tickets $12 in 2 weeks leading up and $15 at the door.
    2. Enrichment Electives (Gautam, Donald)
      1. Spanish schedule approved for spring term.
      2. Meeting with professor next week to come up with new elective.
    3. Curriculum Committee (Christian, Aakash)
      1. Dr. Mihalic would like us to get feedback about event arrangements and timings in our courses.
      2. We also have PC committee – opportunity to present proposals about what we want to incorporate into curriculum, so let us know.
      3. We are hoping to get a patient come speak in every block.
      4. We want a ‘purpose’ page in every syllabus written by students, talking about the clinical relevance of each block (like in Immunology)
      5. We are shooting for 1 TBL per block.
      6. Citizen Physicians opportunity – non-partisan physician-citizen engagement group to get physicians voting and involved in policy-making. If you’re interested, the founding chapter at Brown reached out to us, and they would like to support a UTSW chapter.
    4. DIA (Paul, Somto)
      1. We want 20-30 people at the focus group.
      2. Senators should encourage people to sign up. Food will be provided.
    5. Senators
      1. There was not much of a sense of community or connection between families during the family socials.
      2. Winter Olympics have been moved to December 2nd after O&H quiz.
    6. Test Committee (Kevin, Matthew)
      1. O&H directors will be taking challenges and feedback.
    7. Education IT (Waqas, Kevin)
      1. Dr. Faulkner will send an email about Mac OS for ExamSoft.

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