Matthew Gillings – Sprague College


Hometown: Plano, TX

Undergrad: UT Dallas

Interests: Classical music, playing the oboe, hiking (..and Anki)

Medical Interests: Ophthalmology

Fun Fact: I sometimes plan vacations to cities just so I can ride their rollercoasters.

What I like about UTSW: The people! I’ve met so many great peers and doctors.


Adriana Torres – Estabrook College

Student of the WeekHometown: Harlingen, Texas

Undergrad: St. Mary’s University

Interests: Boxing (I fight bags not people), soccer, movies, dessert.

Medical Interests: Pediatrics, Pulmonology

Fun Fact: I make a pretty sweet grapefruit pie. Don’t knock it till you try it!

What I like about UTSW: The colleges system! I met my closest friends through Estabrook-related activities, so I’m a huge fan.