Sumanth Reddy – Fashena College

IMG_2658Hometown: Austin, Texas

Undergrad: UT Austin

Interests: Cooking, traveling, basketball, Netflix

Medical Interests: Haven’t decided on a specialty but I definitely want to be involved in global health throughout my career.

Fun Fact: I have a super cute pup named Leo

What I like about UTSW: I love how diverse our class is in so many ways. Everyone has a unique perspective and this makes every day on campus interesting!

Isabel López-García – Estabrook College

20170520_194400.jpgHometown: San Antonio, TX

Undergrad: Rice U

Interests: Painting, writing, puppies, going on spontaneous adventures

Medical Interests: Ascending on a thin limb here, I actually find renal interesting and most things internal medicine maybe cardio maybe endocrine maybe OB/GYN… hard no on urology though.

Fun Fact: I can say the alphabet backwards really fast… just kinda rolls off the tongue. #boredinkindergarten

What I like about UTSW: The giant orange Chihuly piece on the first floor of NC and all the nice gardens around here are also great but the best parts are all the people – past, present, and future passionate researchers and compassionate clinicians… thanks for making it a great first year!

Georgia Shelton – Cary College

11816263_10204859944841056_2414335422834456382_oHometown: São Paulo, Brazil / Edmond, OK

Undergrad: Harvard University

Interests: Reading for pleasure, cooking new recipes, singing, playing oboe, bees, playing board games, avoiding laundry, Netflix, making unnecessarily long lists.

Medical Interests: Research, public health, epidemiology, and a list of about 5000 possible future specialties. Please don’t make me choose.

Fun Fact: For my midterm project in my Herpetology class, rather than giving a PowerPoint presentation, I wrote and performed a full-length parody of Anna Kendrick’s “When I’m Gone,” called “Red Eyed Frog (Red Eyed Tree Frog)”. #SeniorSpring

What I like about UTSW: I love how much science is happening at UTSW. It’s a hotbed of research and discovery, and it’s so exciting to be at the center of it. I also have the most wonderful friends imaginable; they make every day a good day.

Jennifer Gueler – Sprague College

Hometown: Houston, Texaspicture-student of the week

Undergrad: Rice University

Interests: Netflix binges, all the food (especially brunch), treating myself, napping, dogs, travelling

Medical Interests: Trauma Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Acute/Critical Care, and getting to bring my background in mental health and public health into working with patients at county/safety-net hospitals like Parkland!

Fun Fact: In fourth grade, I was bitten by a zebra (true story) and there was a rumor going around school that I contracted rabies (I didn’t). Two extra freebies- I was a gymnast for 8 years, and I spent a year between college and med school living in London!

What I like about UTSW: For me it’s definitely the people- the sense of community is so supportive and collaborative. Medical school is really such a transformative journey not just academically and professionally but personally, and I cannot imagine going through this process without this group of some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Everyone is so intelligent, talented, passionate and friendly. As we say in Sprague (sorry not sorry), “teamwork makes the dream work.”

Tim Benage – Seldin College

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 4.43.20 PM

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Undergrad: Boston College

Interests: Hockey (Go Blues), Swimming, Checking out the local Dallas breweries

Medical Interests: Orthopedics, Education, Emergency Medicine

Fun Fact: I once ate 50 chicken McNuggets in one sitting. Would not do it again.

What I like about UTSW: The people here are simply amazing. The student body has been so supportive and has made getting through tough windows of school easier and more enjoyable. Some of the activities and accomplishments that my classmates have already experienced inspire me on a regular basis.

Pooja Dasari – Pritchard College


Hometown: Austin, TX

Undergrad: UT Dallas

Interests: I love to work out, but I love FOOD more. Also, I’m a super artsy person, so anything from straight up drawing to interior design, I find it all enjoyable.

Medical Interests: I’m currently interested in surgery as a specialty. Also, I’m working on finding ways to apply art to healing in medicine as this combines both of interests in life.

Fun Fact: Don’t hate me, but I’m not a huge fan of chocolate :/

What I like about UTSW: I love how close our class is, which makes school a little less stressful and LOT more fun.

Kevin Nguyen – Estabrook College


Undergrad: Yale University

Hometown: Mentor, Ohio

Interests/hobbies: eating food, making food, taking pictures of food, smelling food, playing violin and guitar, identifying erythroblasts

Medical interests: radiology, ophthalmology, radiation oncology, Peter Michaely

Fun fact: I stopped using a nightlight when I went to college, and I’m very proud of that.

What I like about UTSW and our class so far: It’s been seven months, and still no one has caught on to the fact that I’m an agent working for our rightful overlords, the squid people

Jenna Wiles – Cary College


Undergrad: TCU

Hometown: Liberty, Missouri

Interests/hobbies: weekend two-stepping, pretending to be Ingrid on ukulele, trying new types of exercise, my super adorable cat

Medical interests: global health, ophthalmology, ob/gyn, infectious disease

Fun fact: I accidentally bribed an asian country’s border patrol once to let our group through without making us remove our packs from the bus for screening. And I recently mastered a lentil soup recipe; hmu if you’re hungry.

What I like about UTSW and our class so far: Each person here has such an intriguing backdrop behind their dedication to medicine. Getting to know our classmates never gets old! Plus, a lot of y’all are alarmingly punny, which is so great to be around.

Emmanuella Egbonim – Sprague College

copy-of-img_2582Hometown: Round Rock, TX

Undergrad: UT Austin

Interests: Netflix, reading (for fun), spending time with friends, film, learning about different places (countries, cities, cultures, etc)

Medical Interests: Cardiology, pediatric/adolescent medicine, emergency medicine, racial and ethnic health disparities

Fun Fact: My younger sister taught me how to tie my shoes!

What I like about UTSW: The colleges system is awesome and it has made getting to know people that much easier!