Adriana Torres – Estabrook College

Student of the WeekHometown: Harlingen, Texas

Undergrad: St. Mary’s University

Interests: Boxing (I fight bags not people), soccer, movies, dessert.

Medical Interests: Pediatrics, Pulmonology

Fun Fact: I make a pretty sweet grapefruit pie. Don’t knock it till you try it!

What I like about UTSW: The colleges system! I met my closest friends through Estabrook-related activities, so I’m a huge fan.


Matt Schreiber – Seldin College

mattschreiberHometown: Austin, TX

Undergrad: UT Austin

Grad: UT School of Public Health

Interests: Music, playing piano, learning languages

Medical Interests: Surgery and Psychiatry

Fun Fact: This summer I was an intern at the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute.

What I like about UTSW: A supportive environment exists that ensures student success along with overall well-being.

Somtochi Okafor – Fashena College


Hometown: Houston, Texas

Undergrad: The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Learning languages, nutrition and fitness, watching movies, and traveling

Medical Interests: Health Inequities, Health Advocacy, Global Health, Orthopedic Surgery, Surgery, Hematology

Fun Fact: Okafor is a common Igbo last name and unfortunately, I am not related to the NBA player.

What I like about UTSW: Being surrounded and inspired by classmates and friends committed to promoting patient advocacy as well as diminishing health inequities.

Naomi Freeman – Cary College

Naomi FreemanUndergrad: University of Texas at Dallas

Hometown: Dallas

Interest/Hobbies: Dancing!! and singing, reading, baking, eating…really anything that is not studying

Medical Interests: The world is my oyster, but I’m thinking dermatology or pediatrics

Fun Fact: I have been to 38 countries and plan on visiting every possible country one day

What I like about UTSW: I love how everyone in our class has such diverse interests outside of medicine and are truly well rounded individuals, but still have a deep passion for medicine that unites us.

Savannah Hampton – Sprague College


Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Undergrad: UT Austin!

Interests: music, guitar, YouTube, meeting Bachelorettes

Medical Interests: plastic and reconstructive surgery, ENT, radiology, EM, OB/GYN…. Lots.

Fun Fact: my highest bowling score is over 200

What I like about UTSW: The brilliant people. You can sometimes really feel the incredible things going on throughout the campus and its humbling/exciting to be a little part of that.

Waqas Haque – Pritchard College


Name: Waqas Haque

College: Pritchard

Hometown: Plano, Texas (born in Karachi, Pakistan)

Undergrad: UT Dallas

Interests: books (only non-fiction), spirituality & philosophy, basketball, more books, NBA and NFL, chess, streaming lectures in different coffeeshops, traveling, writing

Medical Interests: I’m thinking about a few things – maybe ophthalmology or psychiatry. I definitely want to be involved in biomedical innovation & entrepreneurship whichever route I choose.

Fun Fact: After graduating from UTD, I did my master’s at Cambridge University in England! I didn’t pick up a British accent, but exploring the different culture there was an enlightening experience.

What I like about UTSW: Since I live right next to Parkland, I often look outside my window right before sleeping to see the hospital, all lit-up and full of activity. While it only takes a few seconds, the imagery is symbolic of our commitment to healing and to our patients, no matter the time of day or circumstance.

Sumanth Reddy – Fashena College

IMG_2658Hometown: Austin, Texas

Undergrad: UT Austin

Interests: Cooking, traveling, basketball, Netflix

Medical Interests: Haven’t decided on a specialty but I definitely want to be involved in global health throughout my career.

Fun Fact: I have a super cute pup named Leo

What I like about UTSW: I love how diverse our class is in so many ways. Everyone has a unique perspective and this makes every day on campus interesting!

Isabel López-García – Estabrook College

20170520_194400.jpgHometown: San Antonio, TX

Undergrad: Rice U

Interests: Painting, writing, puppies, going on spontaneous adventures

Medical Interests: Ascending on a thin limb here, I actually find renal interesting and most things internal medicine maybe cardio maybe endocrine maybe OB/GYN… hard no on urology though.

Fun Fact: I can say the alphabet backwards really fast… just kinda rolls off the tongue. #boredinkindergarten

What I like about UTSW: The giant orange Chihuly piece on the first floor of NC and all the nice gardens around here are also great but the best parts are all the people – past, present, and future passionate researchers and compassionate clinicians… thanks for making it a great first year!