Adriana Torres – Estabrook College

Student of the WeekHometown: Harlingen, Texas

Undergrad: St. Mary’s University

Interests: Boxing (I fight bags not people), soccer, movies, dessert.

Medical Interests: Pediatrics, Pulmonology

Fun Fact: I make a pretty sweet grapefruit pie. Don’t knock it till you try it!

What I like about UTSW: The colleges system! I met my closest friends through Estabrook-related activities, so I’m a huge fan.


What is ACLS?

Here comes the last official post of Pre-Clerkship!

It’s been a fun ride, now time to move on to the wards and slowly turn our caterpillars into butterflies (or something along those lines).

There isn’t much to discuss this week, but here you go:

1. Faculty Excellence Reception – We have reached out to the award winners that couldn’t attend on Friday, and they all wanted us to convey their appreciation to the class.

2. End of Pre-Clerkship Potluck – This is taking place at MedPark tomorrow (Tuesday, December 5th), starting at 6PM. Please bring something edible to share. We will be providing some food as well. Here’s the Facebook event page. Significant others are welcome to attend. If you have a holiday sweater, this would be a great occasion to wear it.

3. This week we’ve posted two student profiles. Head on over to the Student Profile tab to learn more about Daniel Burguete of Pritchard College and Matt Schreiber of Seldin College.

4. College Olympics are on Thursday afternoon, go have fun and support your MS1s and Senators who have been working hard to put this on.

Happy holidays to everyone,

Clementine and Umaru

Matt Schreiber – Seldin College

mattschreiberHometown: Austin, TX

Undergrad: UT Austin

Grad: UT School of Public Health

Interests: Music, playing piano, learning languages

Medical Interests: Surgery and Psychiatry

Fun Fact: This summer I was an intern at the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute.

What I like about UTSW: A supportive environment exists that ensures student success along with overall well-being.

What is CBSSA?

Hey everyone,

Congratulations on finishing (the most important part of) pre-clerkship! With just FCR and Transitions left, we are closer than ever to taking care of real patients (SCARY).

Here are a few important things happening in the next few weeks:

1. Faculty Excellence Award Ceremony – Please vote for your favorite professors by noon on 11/29, and come find out who won on December 1st at 12pm in D1.600. There will be food.

We received feedback that it would be preferable if each professor was only eligible for one award, so there will be a lot more winners this time!

Email title to search for if you can’t find your voting link: “MS 2020 Student Choice Teaching Awards Aug-Dec, 2017” (note: it is actually Feb-Nov 2017)

2. Y2Q – We are pretty close to reaching the 80% response rate we need for our class to be eligible for a bunch of gift cards. Please take the survey if you haven’t yet.

It will be a perfect excuse to dodge conversations you don’t want to have with your family (example: sorry mom, can’t talk about my love life right now, I’ve got this super important thing to do for school).

Email title to search for if you can’t find your survey link: “Invitation to Complete the Medical School Year Two Questionnaire (Y2Q)”

3. End of Pre-Clerkship Potluck – We will be having a potluck at MedPark on December 5th at 6pm. Please bring something edible to share! Here’s the facebook event link. (if the link doesn’t work, it’s also posted on the Class of 2020 Facebook page)

4. Clerkship Elections – Look for an email from the MS1 Co-Presidents Ryan Itoh and Priscilla Tanamal on the class of 2020 clerkship elections. Besides Test Committee, DIA, and OSR, all positions are up for re-election, and there are a bunch of new positions for MS4 year (senior video and yearbook stuff).

5. Head on over to the Student of the Week tab to learn about Somtochi Okafor of Fashena College!

6. Colleges Winter Olympics – These will be taking place on 12/7. Sign up for activities and cheer on your Littles!

Cary, Estabrook, Fashena, Pritchard, Seldin, Sprague

As we reach the end of Pre-Clerkship, please still don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or suggestions.

We hope you all have the most amazing Thanksgiving weekend!

Clementine and Umaru

Somtochi Okafor – Fashena College


Hometown: Houston, Texas

Undergrad: The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Learning languages, nutrition and fitness, watching movies, and traveling

Medical Interests: Health Inequities, Health Advocacy, Global Health, Orthopedic Surgery, Surgery, Hematology

Fun Fact: Okafor is a common Igbo last name and unfortunately, I am not related to the NBA player.

What I like about UTSW: Being surrounded and inspired by classmates and friends committed to promoting patient advocacy as well as diminishing health inequities.

Naomi Freeman – Cary College

Naomi FreemanUndergrad: University of Texas at Dallas

Hometown: Dallas

Interest/Hobbies: Dancing!! and singing, reading, baking, eating…really anything that is not studying

Medical Interests: The world is my oyster, but I’m thinking dermatology or pediatrics

Fun Fact: I have been to 38 countries and plan on visiting every possible country one day

What I like about UTSW: I love how everyone in our class has such diverse interests outside of medicine and are truly well rounded individuals, but still have a deep passion for medicine that unites us.

What is a colliculus?

Greetings classmates,

Welcome to week 2 of Brain and Behavior. Last organ system! We are so close.

1. Y2Q Survey – Only 37.4% of our class responded. We need at least 80% response rate so please search your email inbox for “Y2Q” and complete the survey. It really isn’t that long, and it’s a completely anonymous way to let the administration know how you think our school is doing.

2. Proof that surveys are useful – Thanks to those of you who filled out the Student Services Satisfaction Survey. The Deans had a meeting with representatives from Facilities yesterday, and the temperature in the D lecture halls and the TBL space is being addressed!

For the TBL space, things will be handled by the Office of Medical Education.

For the D lecture halls, please contact me if you attend lecture 100% of the time and are willing to be in charge of the thermostat. Given a consensus from class goers, the thermostat will be able to be adjusted between 70 and 74 (it was previously locked at 72).

3. Flu Shots – It is that time of the year. Until October 31st, you can get your flu shots at the Student Health Clinic in the Aston Building. My brother has the flu right now and (I imagine) he wishes he had listened to his big sister. Don’t be like my brother. Get your flu shot (plus in your case, it’s mandatory).

4. Anonymous feedback form – If there is anything you would like us to change or work on without us knowing who the suggestion came from, please fill out this anonymous feedback form.

5. Student of the Week – Learn more about Naomi Freeman of Cary College.

6. Carter Blood Drive – The PDA Outreach Committee and medical school is hosting Carter Blood Drive this October. It will be on South Campus, under the library stairwell from 10:00 AM to 4:00PM. They have two dates – October 18, 2017 and October 19, 2017.

They need some volunteers to sign-up donors and greet them. You can come whenever you have some free time and for any duration of time your schedule allows and help them.

As always, please do let us know if you have any questions and/comments,

Clementine and Umaru

DONATE BLOOD: Carter Blood Drive

The PDA Outreach Committee is hosting Carter Blood Drive this October. It will be at the South Campus, under library stairwell from 10:00 AM to 4:00PM. We have two dates October 18, 2017 and October 19, 2017.

Please come at your convenience, donate and help those in need. Time slots can be reserved from the link below. However, reservation is not a must. You can just show up and donate.

Please remember to bring A PHOTO ID.

Also, drink a lot of water and eat a good meal before coming.


 Your donation makes transfusion possible”

UT Southwestern Medical Center – click on nameWednesday, October 18, 2017
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

5323 Harry Hines
South Campus, D area, under library stairwell
UT Southwestern Medical Center – click on name

Thursday, October 19, 2017
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

5323 Harry Hines
South Campus, D area, under library stairwell

Contact for more information
Volunteer Drive Coordinator

What is Nexplanon?

Greetings classmates,

As we head into the final week of Endo/Repro, here is the news of the week.

WE NEED YOUR IDEAS/COMMENTS on proposed plans and future projects! Please note that there are multiple forms with this email; we ask that you please participate by filling out the forms. We appreciate your help and your ideas. Brace yourself, this might be extensive.

  1. UT Southwestern Six Year Plan (Next meeting October 12) – This is the year for the revision of the six-year plan of UT Southwestern. Many propositions are being brought up and discussed by the administration. This is definitely HUGE as many of the points actually prioritized on the six year plan will get administrative, financial, and faculty support moving forward for the next two to six years. Thus, we would like to take time to assess and come up with plans for agendas and initiatives that we believe would be great for the upcoming years.

Link for Six-Year Plan Ideas:

Your contributions are highly sought! Think boldly! See attached for the copy of the last report.

Student Trainee Six Year Plan Recommendations 2016-2022 Final

P.S. The Simulation Center building that we all see going up was part of the previous Six-Year Plan!

  1. Pavilion Renovation – Have you used the Pavilion before? for basketball? attended pumpkin carving or other activities hosted on the court? Please voice your opinions. We are working with the Student Center to see what we can do with the Pavilion as it is currently  undergoing a thorough review. We have a few ideas on board, please help us by sharing your thoughts.

Link for Pavilion Renovation:

  1. University police and “ Uber” Service– On campus late? you can call University Police (214-648-8311) and they will take you from hospital to hospital or hospital to nearby (< 1 mile) locations for free. Learn more about campus statistics by visiting their website at
  1. Flu Shots –It is that time of the year. Starting today, Monday Oct 2nd until October 31st, you can get your flu shots at Student Health Clinic in Aston Building.
  1. Annual Student Services Survey – Complete the survey to provide feedback on the services at UT Southwestern focused on supporting students. You should have received an individual surveymonkey link from Dr. Mihalic. To encourage participation, Student Affairs will offer INCENTIVES to the medical school class who achieves the highest number of participants in the form of Amazon gift cards (1 for $100, and twenty for $20) via a random drawing. The AAMC Y2Q has also arrived in your inbox, and incentives are provided for that one too (see Dr. Mihalic’s second email).
  1. Tuition Increase – This year we will work with academic administration and financial aid in coming up with a proposal for tuition. 2 years ago, student leadership was able to decrease the tuition increase to 3% (change from proposed 4%). Your voice matters. If you have any comments/questions, please use the anonymous feedback form below. If you also want to know where your tuition is going towards, please do let us know as well.
  1. Anonymous feedback form– If there is anything you would like us to change or work on without us knowing who the suggestion came from, please fill out this anonymous feedback form.
  1. Student of the week– Learn more about Savannah Hampton of Sprague College.
  1. United for Puerto Rico – The recent hurricanes have left Puerto Ricans in dire need. Help us as we collect items for relief. See attached for the flyer. We will be using the boxes located on the carrels and student center.

Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

As always, please do let us know if you have any questions and/comments,

Umaru and Clementine