What is ACLS?

Here comes the last official post of Pre-Clerkship!

It’s been a fun ride, now time to move on to the wards and slowly turn our caterpillars into butterflies (or something along those lines).

There isn’t much to discuss this week, but here you go:

1. Faculty Excellence Reception – We have reached out to the award winners that couldn’t attend on Friday, and they all wanted us to convey their appreciation to the class.

2. End of Pre-Clerkship Potluck – This is taking place at MedPark tomorrow (Tuesday, December 5th), starting at 6PM. Please bring something edible to share. We will be providing some food as well. Here’s the Facebook event page. Significant others are welcome to attend. If you have a holiday sweater, this would be a great occasion to wear it.

3. This week we’ve posted two student profiles. Head on over to the Student Profile tab to learn more about Daniel Burguete of Pritchard College and Matt Schreiber of Seldin College.

4. College Olympics are on Thursday afternoon, go have fun and support your MS1s and Senators who have been working hard to put this on.

Happy holidays to everyone,

Clementine and Umaru


Matt Schreiber – Seldin College

mattschreiberHometown: Austin, TX

Undergrad: UT Austin

Grad: UT School of Public Health

Interests: Music, playing piano, learning languages

Medical Interests: Surgery and Psychiatry

Fun Fact: This summer I was an intern at the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute.

What I like about UTSW: A supportive environment exists that ensures student success along with overall well-being.