What is Myenteric Plexus?

Greetings fellow classmates,

Welcome Back! We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer. Today we embark on the second year of our journey to become physicians. We as a class have accomplished much in terms of academics, community service, and personal growth. Clementine and I could not be prouder to call you our classmates and to serve as your class co-presidents. Moving forward with our last pre-clerkship semester, we hope you do take time to reflect on your progress!

As we take on Gastrointestinal System and Nutrition, please brace yourself for this week’s news.

By the Numbers

  • MS1s – Let us all please welcome the MS1 class to our UT Southwestern family. As you all know, this week is PRE+OP week and one of the biggest weeks for incoming MS1s. Please do help your fellow students get around and greet them when you do see them. A “hello” goes a long way =]! Here is the Pre+OP Schedule in case you want to meet the incoming students or want to help out. Please clink this clink: MS1 Orientation Week Schedule 2017
  • Student Organization registration – Please register your organization by Wednesday, August 9, 2017. Please see Suzette Smith (Suzette.smith@utsouthwestern.edu)s email on July 29, 2017 for more information. There will be a student organization meeting on Thursday at noon in Sanders Lounge at Student Center. 
  • Email and Listserv Policy – Please be prudent when it comes to the mass blast class emails. Please try to utilize the bi-weekly email as a main source of distributing information. Please see the last weekly updates blog post “Class Email Policy” for more information on what to do and how you can help.
  • Parking Registration – The deadline to have a decal on vehicle is September 1st, 2017 and the last day to register a vehicle via web is on August 26, 2017. Please see Dr. Angela Mihalic (Angela.Mihalic@UTSouthwestern.edu)’s email on August 1, 2017 for more information.
  • UWorld – After negotiations with UWorld, our IT Gurus have finally decided not to go through with the order. Please see Kevin Nguyen (Kevin3.Nguyen@UTSouthwestern.edu)’s email on July 25, 2017 for more information.
  • Bike Rules – Some of you might have noticed the new sign on the connector bridge. Due to safety reasons, riding the bicycle on the connector bridge is prohibited between shuttle operation hours (7am – 7pm). Cyclists are welcome to walk their bikes across the bridge any time and the bike club is happy to provide information about alternative routes to commute between buildings. If you want more information on this, please contact Theresa Pohlkamp (Theresa.Pohlkamp@UTSouthwestern.edu), VP of the Bike Club at UTSW.
  • Check out the Student Profile Tab to find out about Isabel Lopez-Garcia from Estabrook College.

Enjoy our first week of MS2!

As always, please do let us know if you have any questions or comments,

Umaru and Clementine


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