Class Email Policy

Greetings fellow Student Organization Representatives,
Do you remember that first week of med school? The excitement of being in a new place, meeting new people, and the absolute cats-and-dogs hurricane-level deluge of random emails?
Mass emails and the abuse of the listserv have been consistent themes during our time at UTSW. The now third year class came up the the best solution they could at the time, which was to have the class secretary, Hannah Justice, put together a bi-weekly email of all of the events and pertinent information. This was not a perfect system, but it was a great start to reduce the email traffic and create a more organized calendar of events. As your current MS2 class secretary, I have attempted to keep up with the bi-weekly email, and we have high hopes that the new MS1 class will follow suit. What that means is that 3 classes — three-quarters of the med students — will be somewhat indoctrinated into the bi-weekly emails as their main source for learning about class events and information. This could have a huge impact on reducing email traffic now and in the future.
When the new class of MS1s starts their orientation on Monday, we would love for them to be greeted by wonderful people at this new place, and not the same flood of emails that we had to swim through. While we have no power over the Spams or untagged emails that find their way through our filters, we know that we can do a better job with the number of Student Organization emails, the free lunch emails, the ‘come to my exercise/dance/underwaterbasketweaving’ class emails. We are not targeting any particular person or group, because most of us have used the open listserv at some point. We simply want to make everyone aware that it is within our reach to make a real impact on the email traffic at this school, and it starts with our class setting that example. 

With all this being said, please be prudent when it comes to the mass blast class emails. Please try to utilize the bi-weekly email as a main source of distributing information. We know that this is not a perfect solution, but it can be a source of vast improvement for now. What other organizations have also done is create their own listservs and added interested members to their list. Please see the document links below for step by step instructions on how to create those listservs, and how individuals can themselves join the listservs. Suzi will also go into details about the listserv system at the student organization meeting on Thursday. If this system is not ideal for you for any reason, please voice your concerns and help us make it better for the upcoming years.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Class of 2020 Student Government

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