5/18/2017 Student Government Meeting


President Updates

  • BBQ – May 26 from 530 PM
    • Senators send reminder emails to colleges
    • Budget: $300-400
    • Venmo: Umaru $5 each by next Tuesday
    • Location:Medical Park
    • Co-Hosts: Kevin Vu, Danny Xu, who else?
      • Kyle will make drinks.
  •  President’s Meeting Yesterday on Wednesday update
    • New Wednesday curriculum addition
    • Mandatory M&Ms on Wednesday afternoons at lunch.
      • Maybe lower the number of mandatory M&Ms or consider making only the most important ones mandatory.
  •  Feedback of year: What can we do better as StuGov?
    • Keep enforcing the 5-minute rule per topic.
    • Have a way to get classmates involved and inform students about what’s going on in student government and things going on around school – maybe make the blog link more visible.
    • Keep on with the meetings once every 2 weeks.
      • Maybe make sure it doesn’t coincide with colleges or come at an inconvenient time.

StuGov Update

  • CurriculumJudging from comments, we don’t think people read the midterm proposal. A large amount of anonymous people think we’re proposing 1 midterm and 1 final exam for each course in PC2 & PC3. We are going to delay the vote to Friday, so that we can address this misinformation. In other news, the LGBTQ healthcare proposal will be adopted.
    • Not enough backing for general comments on courses, so we want a higher (100% rate) response rate.
    • One reason people don’t fill out RedCAP is the length. Maybe we can have a weekly mini-RedCAP with just the professor-feedback portion of it – would have more accuracy and response rate. At the end of the course, we can still have the overall course feedback RedCAP.
    • Possibly do surveys on Moodle (worth a point)
  •  OSR- What should I focus on moving forward (MSPE, SVI, Step 1). How does everyone feel about CBLs?
    • General vote – is everyone in favor or not in favor of MSPE: all in favor
    • SVI: opposition because it seems like another pointless metric, requires more work
      1. There is a reporting system for technical issues
      2. How do they prevent cheating?
        1. You don’t get the questions until you watch the video.
      3.  Step 1 changes: most opposed
      4. CBLs: YES!
        1. Maybe have the CBLs earlier (like the information)
          1. Still do it the last week but send out info earlier.
        2. Maybe have the CBL cases be less obvious.
    •  DIA- We met with Dr. Sendelbach and the Endocrinology course directors. During both meetings, we discussed our proposal which was well received. We agreed that Colleges have the potential to integrate more information on LGBTQ health content and there should be initiatives to introduce standardized patients and open discussions on LGBTQ concerns. The main hurdle in Endocrinology is covering both basic and complex information on sex education as well as being able to discuss LGBTQ health concerns throughout the course.
      • Basic sex ed needs to be incorporated – we need to start from scratch – possibly an online module on sex ed.
      • Incorporate a few LOs each block on this to raise awareness about challenges they will face.

Committee Updates

  • Research Committee – We will be having the Mentor-Mentee Panel today at 12PM in room D1.106. Feel free to come through. Dr. Tandon, Karp, and Galindo will be there to answer any questions you may have before you start your summer research. Also, we met last Wednesday to start setting up summer events, so be on the lookout for those if you’re around and are interested.  
  • DART Committee – We will have another Wiles Wellness event on the 23rd before the TBL. Also, we are continuing to work with Dr. Wiles and Dr. Haley. We will be meeting with them again over the summer to set up our events and survey before the next school year begins. 

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