Weekly Events 5/15-5/19

Monday, May 15th
  1. ​Lunch Meetings
    1. PsychSIG ​- Dr. Natalie Ramirez on “Student Wellness and Mental Health” – D1.106 (Alonti for 25)
    2. SCF – Lunch Break Fellowship – Dr. Amit Pandya (dermatology and medical missions) – C2.108 (Chick Fil-A provided)
    3. Hep B Week – Dr. Doan Dao on Hepatitis B and C: Screening, Vaccinating and Linking to Care – D1.200 (Thai2Go provided) – poster attached
    4. Basil Society – Dr. Robert Collins (Hematology/Oncology) on “Stories of Grace in the Doctor-Patient Relationship” – D1.102 (lunch provided)
Tuesday, May 16th
  1. ​Lunch Meetings
    1. LMSA – Dr. Laura Rubinos on common presentations and how to treat Hispanic patients in Neonatology – D1.100 (flatbread for 25)
    2. Hep B Week – Dr. Dwain Thiele on The Past, Present and Future of Hepatitis B and D – D1.200 (pizza provided)
    3. Pediatrics Interest Group – “Pediatrics Post-Match Student Panel” – D1.600 (sandwiches and chips provided)
Wednesday, May 17th
  1. ​Lunch Meetings
    1. OHMS – Dr. Srikanth Nagalla on “Why Should I Choose a Career in Hematology & Oncology?” – D1.102 (lunch provided)​
    2. Psych SIG and Health Advocacy SIG – Ms. Olga Wuerz (Peer Support Specialist) on “A Unique Perspective on Mental Health Care from Dallas VA” – Sanders lounge (Rusty Taco provided)
    3. Hep B Week – Dr. Mamta Jain on Hepatitis B and HIV – D1.700 (Schlotzksy’s provided)
    4. UTSW Christian Students – South Campus Bible Study – Gooch C2.106
Thursday, May 18th
  1. ​Lunch Meetings
    1. Research Subcommittee – “Mentor-Mentee Relationship” panel with Drs. Rene Galindo and Animesh Tandon –  D1.106 (lunch provided)
    2. Hep B Week – Dr. Thomas Kerr on Hepatitis C Treatment – D1.200 (RollnGo provided)
Friday, May 19th
  1. ​Lunch Meetings
    1. Hep B Week – Dr. William Lee on Liver Failure: What Severe Cases Explain About Viruses and Liver Injury – D1.200 (Chick-fil-A provided)

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