Georgia Shelton – Cary College

11816263_10204859944841056_2414335422834456382_oHometown: São Paulo, Brazil / Edmond, OK

Undergrad: Harvard University

Interests: Reading for pleasure, cooking new recipes, singing, playing oboe, bees, playing board games, avoiding laundry, Netflix, making unnecessarily long lists.

Medical Interests: Research, public health, epidemiology, and a list of about 5000 possible future specialties. Please don’t make me choose.

Fun Fact: For my midterm project in my Herpetology class, rather than giving a PowerPoint presentation, I wrote and performed a full-length parody of Anna Kendrick’s “When I’m Gone,” called “Red Eyed Frog (Red Eyed Tree Frog)”. #SeniorSpring

What I like about UTSW: I love how much science is happening at UTSW. It’s a hotbed of research and discovery, and it’s so exciting to be at the center of it. I also have the most wonderful friends imaginable; they make every day a good day.


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