4/24/17 Student Government Meeting

President Updates

  • President’s meeting
    1. Secretary has been made an elected position in StuGov. Work on making DART and Research elected positions. Make sure to keep DART and Research going in the next class so it’s easier to make it an elected position in the future.
    2. 1 of the 3 social chairs will be a DART liaison in the future.
  •  Meeting Reminders
    • Monday 4/24 at 11am (Today)
    • Thursday 5/9 at 11:15am
    • Thursday 5/18 at 10:15am
  •   Roast feedback – It was good. Another one in the fall.
  • Email List of student organizations – Currently have 60 student groups
  • End of the Year BBQ / Competition – May 26
    • Work with senators and social chairs.
  •   Suzi gift – think about ideas
  • PRE-OP to do list – VD, Water Bottle, Instruments, and Afternoon Sessions for PRE-OP – More info in June!
  • People’s Choice Award for Fall
    • We want to add this to Faculty Excellence Reception

StuGov Updates

  • SenatorsCollege Olympics are coming up soon!
  • Curriculum – We will give feedback to the Pulmonary Course Directors and propose the exam schedule for PC2 & PC3 at the PCC meeting in May. We’re working with DIA on a pilot project with Endocrine, but plan to present it to the PCC meeting in June. Next year, for all preclerkship courses, we will need to make at least a 65 on the Final Exam, in addition to a 70 overall course grade, to pass them (Exception: Human Structures with 60 on individual test). Moreover, path quizzes will be at least 5% and there might be more representation of it on exams.
    • 15% for each of the quizzes
    • GI: midterm Friday of second week, Monday of fourth week, and 0% problem set
    • For pathology, Drs. Wilson and Richardson are concerned about quiz performance. Asking about having 5 questions/lecture on the final that are path.
  •  OSR- Southern OSR conference was really informative and exciting! Wanted to start with a shoutout to everyone in student government. You guys work x10000000 harder than literally anyone at any other school, and we have so many incredible opportunities and unique programs going on here that others don’t. Our school is undoubtedly the best and I’m so glad to go here, and all you wonderful people in SG are a key part of that.
    • Key points of contention from the OSR business meeting
    • Standardized Video Interviews for EM Residency Applications
    • The cost of residency applications and transparency of program information
    • Changes to Step 1
    • I also saw a lot of awesome posters and learned a lot of info about many, many things. I’m going to be writing a full conference report soon, so look out for that. I’m more than happy to take meetings/host focus groups/town halls/etc. To discuss the conference and anything I learned.
  •  DIA
    • Working on meeting with Endocrine course director to discuss LGBT issues being included in the course, as well as preparing to present at curriculum meeting at adding slides/LO’s in various classes related to healthcare topics addressing both cultural and LGBT issues.
  •  Electives – Getting elective attendance tallied for college olympics
  • Convergence – Upcoming Events and meetings
    • Bowling this friday from 5pm – 7pm
    • Social Pie event – May 19
    • Next meeting – May 24
    • Healthcare and Biomedical Research Symposium – September 16, 2017
  •  Global HealthSpring break reflections are Tuesday, April 25 from 3-5pm in D1.200
  • Social Chairs – looking at pizza deals; Boat Party




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