What is BPH?

Hey everyone,

We hope you’ve had a great golden weekend! As we delve into Renal, our final course of MS, here is the news and some important upcoming events. They are also available on the blog.

1. Academic College Bowl and Summer 2017 Olympics – below is a rough schedule of events. Thank you all for your support and we hope to see you all there.

  • 12-1PM Chips & Dip-Off (in D1.600 plaza area) : Participate by making “not-yo-mama’s” famous Dip and/or joining us for the taste test! College points will be awarded for participation, winners, and most importantly BRAGGING RIGHTS!
  • 1-1:55PM Trivia (TBL room): Tear it up in trivia! Take your team of 6 to victory in the Academic portion of the Colleges Cup! The more teams that participate, the higher the chance of getting max points for your college (and again BRAGGING RIGHTS!)
  • 2-4:30PM Summer Olympics (Student Center gym): Events include Knock-Out, an eating contest, tug-of-war, an interpretive dance/skit, and a final relay (which consists of Life-guard/Beach-babe Drag race, Four-legged race, Oversized t-shirt race, Ping pong spoon, Flip cup, and Hula hoop pass!). The theme for this semester interpretive dance/skit is “Your Mascot on Summer Vacation.”

2. Summer Olympics on May 3rd – Your Senators are working hard and spending a lot of time planning an amazing event for all of us, please make them proud and sign up! Here are all the links:

Chips and Dip-off Sign-up

Cary Sign-up

Estabrook Sign-up

Fashena Sign-up

Pritchard Sign-up

Seldin Sign-up

Sprague Sign-up

3. ​Student Organizations – If you have not as of yet, please make your way to the following Google Doc and fill out the appropriate information regarding your student organization and the contact info for your officers: spreadsheet is here​

4. Bowling Social – Thank you to everyone who came out to the Bowling event this past Friday. We will host another social on May 19 at Social Pie.

5. Check out the Student Profile tab to find out about Jennifer Gueler of Sprague College.

6. Bikes on the Connector – It is now recommended that cyclists walk their bikes on the Connector due to recent incidents that have occurred involving shuttles and cyclist.  At this present time the Connector Bridge is not “bike ready” and allowing cyclist to ride on the Connector is a great risk. 

As always have a great week, and please do let us know if there is anything we can do for you,

Umaru and Clementine


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