What is miliary tuberculosis?

Hey everyone,

We hope you’re all still alive after the midterm.

Here are the news for this week:

1. Roast – Our Spring Roast is happening this Wednesday, April 19th, at 5PM in D1.600. Please come cheer on your classmates as they re-enact the funniest moments of MS1 for you and your favorite faculty members.


2. Summer Olympics on May 3rd – Your Senators need you to sign up for things. They are working hard and spending a lot of time planning an amazing event for all of us, please make them proud! Here are all the links:

Chips and Dip-off Sign-up

Cary Sign-up

Estabrook Sign-up

Fashena Sign-up

Pritchard Sign-up

Seldin Sign-up

Sprague Sign-up

3. Bowling Social – The institutional Leadership Committee is hosting a bowling event at Bowlounge on April 28th from 5-7pm.


4. Check out the Student Profile tab to find out about Tim Benage of Seldin College.

5. United to Serve – If you feel like being generous with your time next weekend, United to Serve needs more volunteers. If you speak Spanish, please find it in your heart to volunteer. If you don’t speak Spanish, we still need you, please find it in your heart to volunteer. The community needs you. Sign up here.

6. Scope – We’ve received an email from residents at Columbia that we thought might interest some of you.

“I’d like to introduce UT Southwestern to The Scope. We send weekly emails with the best research from NEJM, JAMA and more summarized in a few easy-to-read sentences with a touch of humor. Our goal is to make medical research fun and easy to understand.

Some project specifics are:
1. We started in January 2016 and now send to about 6,000 medical students and residents a week
2. The email is free and always will be
3. We don’t share our subscriber’s email or information with anyone

The authors (myself included) are a group of internal medicine residents at Columbia. See a recent issue below – interested students can sign up at medicinescope.com.”

Have a great week,

Clementine and Umaru


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