Weekly Events 4/17 – 4/21

IMPORTANT: StuOrg officers – please make your way to the following Google Doc and fill out the appropriate information regarding your student organization and the contact info for your officers: spreadsheet is here
If you’d like your event to be included on the blog each week and my biweekly email (Monday/Wednesday), please email your event to Ahana.Yogesh@utsouthwestern.edu by 7:30 PM on Saturday night or 7:30 PM on Wednesday night for any updates. Also, if you see your event on this email, please refrain from sending out individual event reminders unless you fall under an exception.
The weekly event blog post can be found here: https://utsw2020.wordpress.com/category/events/

Monday, April 17th
  1. Lunch Meetings

    1. SIGN Brain Awareness Week – Dr. Shilpa Chitnis on “Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease” – D1.700 (food for 30)
    2. St. Basil Society – Father Thomas Esposito (University of Dallas) on Healthcare & Religion: How to Find Meaning in Suffering – D1.102 (lunch provided)
    3. SCF – Lunch Break Fellowship – C2.108 (Chick Fil-A provided)
    4. [Elective] Fertility Awareness – Dr. Ashley Stone on “Counseling Patients and Case Studies” – D1.106 (lunch provided)
  2. SAMSA – UTSW Holi Celebration – 5 PM – outdoor basketball courts
  3. Wilderness Medicine Group – High-Altitude Medicine Lab Talk and Lab Tour – 5 PM
  4. Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zYLm6jSWgSfTaVi1EGgR_qnmuTWkunik9dOAE3b-q-c/edit?usp=sharing
Tuesday, April 18th
  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. SIGN Brain Awareness Week – Staci Shearin, MPT, and Janet Moeller, PT on “Physical Therapy in Parkinson’s Disease” – D1.700 (food for 30)
    2. MPSIG – Med/Peds MS4 and PGY1 Post-Match/Residency Panel – D1.600 (Thai food provided)
    3. UTSW Christian Students – North Campus Bible Study – BL3.210 in Paul M. Bass Center Tower 
  2. [Elective] Introduction to Bioethics – Beginning of Life (Abortion, Status of the Embryo, Assisted Reproduction) – 3-5 PM in D1.106
Wednesday, April 19th
  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. Diversity Lunch and Learn – Dr. Shawna Nesbitt on Unconscious Bias – 12 PM – D1.502 (lunch provided)
    2. SIGN Brain Awareness Week – Neurology Grand Rounds: Dr. Stephen G. Waxman on “Chasing Men on Fire: Sodium Channels from Squid to the Clinic” – D1.602
    3. UTSW Christian Students – South Campus Bible Study – Gooch C2.106
    4. [Elective] Fertility Awareness – Dr. Charlie Cassidy on Recurrent Miscarriage – D1.100
Thursday, April 20th
  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. PsychSIG – Lunch Meeting with Dr. Lindsey Pershern – 12 PM
    2. SIGN Brain Awareness Week – Dr. Padraig O’Suilleabhain on “Multi-Disciplinary Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Clinic” and Dr. Pravin Khemani on “Multiple System Atrophy Multi-Disciplinary Clinic” – D1.700 (food for 30)
Friday, April 21st
  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. SIGN Brain Awareness Week – Juliana Atem, NP, on “Duopa Therapy” and  Dr. Lesley Childs on “Voice, Speech, and Swallowing in Parkinsonism” – D1.700 (food for 30)
  1. ASIG – Lunch Meeting on April 25th – Dr. Barden on getting into an anesthesiology residency – D1.100 (lunch provided)
  2. Academic College Bowl and Summer Olympics – May 3rd – Sign up!
    1. Chips and Dip-off Sign-up
    2. Activities Sign-ups

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