4/13/17 Student Government Meeting

StuGov Updates – 4/13/17 at 2:45PM

President Updates

  • Dog Therapy Update – It might be possible to hold the event in the health professions building, how would the student government feel about having the event in their separate space.
  • Meetings for the last 2 months of school
    1. Monday 4/24 at 11am
    2. Tuesday 5/9 at 11:15am
    3. Thursday 5/18 at 10:15am
  •  Roast – we might need some help with getting people to sit in the front rows rather than the back, who can be there and just physically block off the back rows starting at 4:45PM Wednesday April 19th?

StuGov Updates

  • Senators – We need help with running the Summer Olympics on May 3rd. Please come out and sign up! Senators have been meeting up throughout the month to figure out the logistics of the Olympics, rules, etc.
    1. Olympics first week of renal.
    2. Senators put in a lot of time and work, so please come out!
  •  Curriculum – Had feedback meeting for Cardio.
    1. There will be quite a few changes for Cardio – they will include an Embryo review in the first week; we didn’t hear anything about the final.
    2. Another point of contention for Cardio was wanting another assessment during the block.
    3. Paul: Something they said they said in the M&M was that we used to have an assessment on drugs, but we should have this in the future.
    4. Possibly could all the autonomics from O&H be moved to Cardio? Schedule is tight, so a problem set should make up for that, but they will try to fix it.
    5. Pulm quiz will emphasize post-physio.
    6. For short answer – it’s easy to run out of time.
    7. Expect a quiz in renal. Renal will also be kind of like cardio. Lot of physiology.
  • Test – Had a conversation with Dr. Lee, confirmed that we will be taking test challenges for the upcoming quiz and exams for the pulmonary block
    1. He has been very accommodating about feedback.
    2. Changes that were accepted for cardio should already be in place, in terms of grades.
  • OSR- Sanjana’s presentation on the DART committee for the AAMC conference has been approved. If you have any input on the committee, or anything else you’d like me to look into during the conference (match, wellness, diversity, tuition, march for science, etc. literally anything) let me know, or feel free to shoot me an email/message during the conference (4/19-4/23).
  • DIA- We have been working with the curriculum reps and PRIDE to integrate more LGBTQ information into our curriculum. Our goal is to introduce this information throughout our Endocrinology block through slides, learning objectives and possibly test questions. We are working on an outline and proposal to be presented during the curriculum committee meeting. Lastly, we met with the other DIA representatives and discussed current and future events.
  •  Electives – approved History of Medicine elective for the fall term.
  • Global Health – Deadline for summer projects is due THIS SATURDAY, April 15th. There’s a lot of stuff to turn in so good luck to everyone who is working on this. Post-spring break reflections will also be coming up in the next two weeks so please come out and support your peers who have done some really amazing work that week.
  • Social Chairs – boat party happening may 5. Lot of enthusiasm
    1. We may get pizza. 
  •  Secretary – sending out an Excel spreadsheet with the next few Sunday and Wednesday emails for student organizations to submit their officers/contact info. It has been suggested that I should stop including events in the weekly emails if the respective StuOrg has already sent out a mass email about the event without getting permission.
    1. Not much can be done till the StuOrg meeting next August. For now, send out a blurb to all the student organizations and their officers encouraging the right mass email rules, but we’ll work on enforcing things next year.

Committee Updates

  • Research Committee – So far this month, we recently had 2 very successful and informational workshops- Library Resources and Dr. Tandon’s talk yesterday on medicine and research. We appreciate everyone who helped organize these events as well as those who came, and we hope you learned something new (which I think everyone I talked to afterwards said they liked the workshops and benefitted a lot). We do have notes for the Library Resources workshop if anyone wants them, shoot me an email. We will continue working with other professors and departments to continue these educational workshops. Also, we will be continuing our monthly research discussions at the beginning of May. As always, if you have any suggestions or a topic/question you’d like to learn about, let us know!
  • DART Committee – Not sure where we left off last, but we met with Dr. Wiles at the end of March to discuss both short term (this semester) plans as well as long-term goals. So, in terms of this semester, we are hoping to kickstart our Wiles Wellness events hopefully before/after a TBL or the Microbio lab activity. We will be meeting again with Dr. Wiles these upcoming days and will discuss further with Dr. Wagner, who seemed on board last time we talked. If anyone has any strong opinions on whether they’d like it before versus after a TBL event or at a specific time (say after the iRAT/gRAT), let us know. As for long term goals, we are working with the Mental Health office and Dr. Wiles and his team of psychiatrists to come up with a good survey looking at stress within medical students and various correlations that may lead to better understanding how we can address our mental health. There’s much more we are working on as well such as the Sober Squad and the points-rewards system; we will keep you updated!
  • Thank You Committee – thank you cards done for Cardio patients




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