3/15/17 Student Government Meeting


President Updates

  • Constitution Amendments proposal
    1. Current committees as part of StuGov permanently
      • We want to make the chairs of the committees elected positions for next year, because some of these committees are important and need to be continued in the long run. Basically, DART, research, ambassadors and thank you committee should be continued. When these people are elected, they will work with the second years to get them ready to take over.
      • Thank you committee and ambassador committee – thank you committee is not so much work so the person who leads the ambassador committee could probably just take over the thank you committee as well.
      • We want to cut down social chairs to 2 people and elective committee to 1. We should also explore cutting other positions down. 
      • Criterias that committees have to meet to be included in stugov permanently? Stugov will vote to make it permanent, versus keeping it just for the semester. The ones we have this semester are committees that should last for all years; they are essential.
      • Committee leaders would be elected stugov officer positions.
  •  Step 1 Resources
    1. School resources at our disposal
      • We were going to ask curriculum people to list out the services available (board vitals, things on the O drive, etc.) to students that we could send out.
    2.  Pathoma, Firecracker, UWorld
      • We got an email saying we should get the discounts now.
      • We’ll get UWorld in the fall.
  •  Student Organizations
    1. List of officers for every organization/MS2020 Emails
      • Emails have been crazy, so it would be great for each org to have their own listserv so they can send out emails to those listservs so otherwise, it would just be sending it to those orgs.
      • We could potentially partner with Wes Norred, have a pdf with all the stuorg officers and have a huge meeting to talk about this.
      • You can join groups at will on Outlook. We can send out instructions to stuorg officers to send out their own listservs.
  • Pet Therapy
    1. We have a pavilion scheduled for the event along with the health professionals school but pet therapy told us they would not do it outside. We don’t have approval for any of the inside rooms. We could do it somewhere else but the probability of students driving/walking over elsewhere is low.
  •  Medical School Roast – April 19 at 5PM

StuGov Updates

  • Senators – Our presentation to the Masters on Feb 27th went well. The spring semester Olympics are scheduled for May – please let us know if you have any suggestions for how we can do the Olympics differently this time.
    • Summer Olympics on Wednesday, May 3rd (cardio quiz that Friday but encourage people to come out). Dami is leading the activities. First week of renal but we need ideas on how to make people come out.
    • We’re going to try to get more MS4 involvement – it’s cool because they’re just about to graduate and it’ll be nostalgic. If you have really active MS4s that you know, let them know to come out.
  •  Curriculum – We met with the TBL Committee and Course Director for Colleges last Monday. We plan to present our PC3 proposal for exams at the PCC meeting in May. We are working with DIA on a proposal for the PCC meeting in June. We received feedback via our form about the PC1 awards ceremony. The suggestion was: A Professor should only win one award. For example, if she has the most votes for two, then she would win the more “prestigious” one (MVP) and another Prof. could get the other one (Good Lecturer Award).
    • People being late to iRAT – professionalism or you may not be able to take it.
  • Test – Challenges situation cleared up with Dr. Brickner.
  • DIA- We recently met with Curriculum committee and members of the LGBTQ Student Organization to discuss ways we can improve education related to health concerns in the LGBTQ community. We will be working to come up with a brief outline that the curriculum committee can present. Our goal is to slowly work in slides into our curriculum/ future years that are relevant to certain topics and address real situations we will see as physicians, as well as present board relevant material. Also working on pre-op stuff, more to come.
  • Education IT – None (Still waiting on Dr. Faulkner for updates)
  • Electives – Math in medicine has been fully implemented!
    • Also thinking about a History in Medicine elective. Interest survey will go out in a few days.
  •  Convergence – Convergence Implementation Committee (the faculty) met and we piloted a new activity (building a paper tower) for convergence day. We also talked about maybe having a more clinically oriented activity (maybe a case, maybe something to do with organizing a clinic?). Email/talk to us if you feel strongly one way or another.
    • Interprofessional Leadership Committee (the students) will meet 3/15/17
    • Next social TBD
    • Thinking about making the next convergence activity more healthcare-oriented. Ex. simulate building a healthcare clinic.
  •  Global Health – no updates
  • Social Chairs – working on the boat party. Potential date 5/5/17
    • We need feedback on boat party. We’re thinking 5p-8p on Friday of first week of renal. $25 a person for a keg and pizza. We wanted to make sure there’s nothing coinciding with Friday evening. 60 person capacity.

Committee Updates

  • Research Committee – We will be holding our March Journal Club this Friday March 17th, Rm: D1.100. Edward Daniel (the cool pharm tutor) will be giving a talk on his PhD work. Everyone is welcome to attend! Other upcoming events include a workshop on library tools and research tools like PubMed (Wed. April 5th at noon), and Dr. Tandon’s talk on A Physician’s life in research (Wed. April 12 at noon). Please share these events with your friends and come through, if you’re interested.
  • DART Committee – We met with Drs. Mihalic, Wagner, Wiles, Barker, as well as some student health directors and nurses Dr. Ziebarth and Dr. Leach. We are very pleased to say they absolutely love this idea and are very eager to work with us. We will be meeting again with Dr. Wiles this Friday to go over our upcoming plans which include Wiles Wellness events, setting up a Passport Point system, and much more! If you’re interested, shoot us an email; we would love to hear any ideas!
    • Passport point system – if you attend any of these wellness events, you get points and points can be redeemed for rewards from Wes Norred.




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