What is Amaurosis Fugax?

Fellow PC2s,

We hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! Here is the news for this week:

  • Student Government Subcommittees – Your student government has embarked in various subcommittees designed to improved campus culture including Student Research Subcommittee, Drug, Alcohol, Responsibility Team (DART) Subcommittee, Ambassadors Subcommittee, Thank you Subcommittee.
    • The overall objectives of the Drugs, Alcohol, Responsibility Team (DART) Subcommittee are to:
      • Educate the student body on social and psychological responsibility
      • Increase student awareness of substance abuse and mental health
        • Reduce risky behavior related to substance abuse and abuse
        • Reduce mental health associated risky behavior
      • Continuously address students to take greater responsibility for their own as well as each other’s safety
      • Contact Mahmoud Elguindy or Umaru Barrie for information.
    • The overall objectives of the Student Research Subcommittee (SRS) are:
      • Share research opportunities available to students
      • Promote research discussion between students without daunting faculty supervision
      • Stimulate learning of interdisciplinary research
      • Contact Mahmoud Elguindy or Umaru Barrie for information.
    • The overall objectives of the Thank You Subcommittee are:
      • To show appreciation to those who take their time in helping our medical training.
      • Provide avenues of giving back to patients who share their medical stories to the class
      • Help make patients who visit happy to come back the following year
      • Contact Hayley Williams or Christy Hinz for more information.
    • The overall objective of the Ambassadors Subcommittee is:
      • MS2020 students will serve as “ambassadors” to the MS2021’s to help them transition to medical school
      • Contact Sanjana Balachandra and Alex Guinn for more information.
  • MED Summer Research Opportunity – Here is an opportunity to work with Dr. Wagner on “Defining Colleges Mentor Skills for Faculty Development”. Here is more information. MED Summer Research – Dr. Wagner
  • Brewery Social – Thank you to everyone who came out to our Brewery Social. It was a great event. Please join our interprofessional Facebook page HERE.
  • Check out the Student Profile tab to find out more about Kevin Nguyen from Estabrook College.

As always, please do let us know if there is anything we can do for you,

Umaru and Clementine


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