Weekly Events 3/13 – 3/17

If you’d like your event to be included on the blog each week and my biweekly email (Monday/Wednesday), please email your event to Ahana.Yogesh@utsouthwestern.edu by 7:30 PM on Saturday night or 7:30 PM on Wednesday night for any updates. Also, if you see your event on this email, please refrain from sending out individual event reminders unless you fall under an exception.

The weekly event blog post can be found here: https://utsw2020.wordpress.com/category/events/
  1. Med/Peds Shadowing Signups
  2. TSSS M&M Conferences – Sign up by Thursday morning each week.

  3. SIGN Shadowing Signup (please only sign up for one spot; more spots will be available in April)
  4. Reminder: EMIG shadowing at Parkland & Children’s EDs is available 7 days/week from 7-11pm! Instructions & Sign-Ups:
  5. TSS Shadowing Signups:
  6. Psych SIG: Access to free membership to American Psychiatric Association (APA).

  7. IDIG Shadowing Signup  – Please read instructions on the form to sign up. Email Kasey Kreutz or Ben Moon with any questions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oWfLb-Ljg_WEeV86koRg1D7VcLj3GIx9OjnB9w1uAhA/edit?usp=sharing
  8. PIG – March signups for Ronald McDonald House volunteering
  9. PMRSIG – Volunteer to provide medical coverage at RISE’s Wheelchair Motorcross world championships at Alliance Skate Park – 4/22-4/23
    • Email Nate Milburn if interested.
  10. Sign up to volunteer with United to Serve (Spanish-speaking volunteers especially needed!) – April 22nd
  11. Healthy Living – Sign up to teach health classes in Dallas public schools in April.
Monday, March 13th
  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. PM&R – Pediatrics rehabilitation lecture with Dr. Inanoglu – Gooch C2.106 (Thai2Go provided)
    2. SCF – Lunch Break Fellowship with Dr. Rebekah Naylor (UTSW’s first female surgeon) – Gooch C2.108 (Mike’s Chicken provided)

Tuesday, March 14th

  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. GIG – Case Discussion with Dr. Vivyenne Roche – Gooch C2.108 (lunch provided for RSVPd)
    2. DIG – Melanoma Awareness Talk – Mrs. Jean Schlipmann (co-founder of AIM at Melanoma Foundation) – D1.600 (Thai2Go provided)
    3. UTSW Christian Students – North Campus Bible Study – BL3.210 in Paul M. Bass Center Tower

Wednesday, March 15th

  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. SCF – Bible Study – plaza outside library
    2. UTSW Christian Students – South Campus Bible Study – Gooch C2.106
    3. [Elective] Fertility Awareness – Symptohormonal Method with Dr. Trish Rawicki – D1.100
  2. SNMA Bake Sale – 11 AM-1 PM in Student Center
Thursday, March 16th

  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. Trauma Surgery Student Society (TSSS) – Dr. AbdelFattah – ‘So you want to be a Surgeon?’ – D1.106 (Si Lom Thai provided)
    2. GHIG – Immunization Training session led by Patti Pagels – Gooch C2.106 (bring an orange!)
  2. [Elective] Mathematical Methods in Medicine – Differential Equations and Diffusion Modeling, Konstantin Doubrovinski – 3-4 PM in D1.200
Friday, March 17th
  1. Healthy Living Bake Sale – March 17th – 11 AM – 1 PM in front of cafeteria
  1. AANS – Post-Match MS4 Neurosurgery Match Process Q&A Panel – March 22nd at 12 PM – D1.200 (pizza provided)
  2. Wilderness Medicine Group – High-Altitude Medicine Lab Talk and Lab Tour – date TBD.
  3. Note-O-Chords (UTSW Orchestra) Concert – March 20th at 7 PM – Student Center (food provided)
  4. PsychSIG – Post-Match Panel – March 20th at 12 PM – D1.106 (lunch provided)
  5. SSIM – Internal Medicine Post-Match Panel – March 20th at 12 PM – D1.700 (Chick-fil-a for 40)
  6. RIG – Dr. Rathan Subramaniam on Nuclear Medicine – March 21st at 12 PM – D1.600 (Chick-fil-a for 30)
  7. Diversity Lunch and Learn – Meredith Stegall on Successful Patient Interactions with Limited English Proficiency Patients – March 22nd at 12 PM – D1.502
  8. United to Serve information session – March 22nd at 12 PM – Sanders lounge (food provided)

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