2/27/14 Student Government Meeting

StuGov Updates – 2/27/17 at 1:00PM

President Updates

  • Faculty and Student Roast – if interested in being involved, talk to Maura
    • April 19th
  • Student of the Week – we will try and make sure to send a reminder to each senator a week in advance so you have ample time to find someone who wants to be featured. Please keep a list of the people who have already been featured, and if possible have a few people lined up in case someone falls through.
  • Top Golf Interprofessional Social was a success, next one is going to be at a brewery.
    • Community Brewery March 11th
    • Not many people went to the top golf event because it was far and timing wasn’t ideal, in the future, will try to maybe do a survey to figure out interest
  • Becker thing = Step 1 resources
    • Setting up an info meeting, need to gauge class interest

StuGov Updates

  • Senators – Currently we have no update, but we will be meeting with the Masters of colleges tomorrow at 5pm to present our proposal for some changes to colleges.
    • About 15 minutes giving them recommendations
    • More time to review physical exam
    • Integrate ethics and cultural discussions at the end of sessions (e.g. Jehovah’s witnesses after cardiovascular)
    • Expectations for the skills clinic vary depending on mentor, need better information for students to know what to expect
    • Kyle: a lot of 2nd years failed their first Shelf (especially family med)
  •  Curriculum – We will meet with the Course Directors for HEME on Monday. On the following Monday, we will meet with the TBL Committee to give feedback on our experience with PBLs/TBLs. In other news, we’ve received a lot of commentary on Colleges, so we plan to meet with Dr. Wagner sometime this month.
    • We brought up diagnostic criteria/risk assessment for Heme and Dr. Shen is thinking about moving the Foundations of Clinical Research stuff to the beginning of the block.
    • Did people like Nanozoomer on the final? It was brought up to us that there was a possibility of cheating
    • Also 25 GB of files is excessive. They talked about meeting to discuss Nanozoomer on exams.
  •  OSR – Met with the OSR executive board/AAMC admins last week. Some things that we discussed include: tuition increases/med student debt, social/political action amongst med students, how the AAMC works, curriculum design in regards to implementing policy and business courses, MD/MBA programs, AAMC policy resources, wellness, Step 2 CS, and how the immigration order impacts Match. Let  me know if you’d like to discuss any of these things further, or would like to talk about wellness or curriculum innovations.
    • It’s hard for AAMC to fight for tuition issues and put an umbrella policy on these things and it needs to be figured out at an institutional level, so if you’re interested in working on it or discussing it, hit up Sanjana.
  • Education IT – Still working with Dr. Faulkner on privacy filter arrangements!
  • Electives – Approved the math in medicine elective
  • Global Health – Global Surgery Students Alliance this Saturday! Originally we wanted to do a watch party sort of event but timing didn’t really work out. We’ll try to do one in the future though!
    • Link will be emailed out.
    • If anyone knows events across the nation that can be livestreamed, let Emily know.
  •  Social Chairs – Post-Heme Turn up was lit. Mavs game coming up.

Committee Updates

  • Ambassadors Committee – Alex and Sanjana have begun working on the Ambassadors handbook, let us know if you’d like to help us out or have ideas of what we should include. Also if you heard any feedback from MS0s during MS0s weekend about what we should improve on or questions that you were frequently asked, we’d love to hear it.

Personal/Student Org updates

  • Pet Therapy
    • Kevin was contacted by Amanda Castillo (head of Health Professions) and they were thinking about doing a joint event on April 26th (2 days before final pulm exam)



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