2/14/2017 Student Government Meeting

StuGov Updates – 2/14/17 at 3:15PM

President Updates

  1. Pet Therapy – March 20th, 2017
    • They emailed us back and told us they usually don’t do student events in March but they will do it around April-May for students who want to do events (like finals time)
  2.  Medical School Roast – Meet with Maura to discuss date and time of event and theme of the event
    1. It will most likely be in early April.
    2. Need to reserve room early to get mics and stuff.
  3. PRE-OP Questionnaire
    1. Study Skills/Wellness workshop 2 weeks in or during Pre-OP? Did individuals like the community service event?
    2. Survey for class – senators send an email.
    3. We’re shooting for at least 100 responses.
  4. DIT Dinner – This wednesday at 5PM
  5. StuGov Social – Next meeting as social outing?
    1. After spring break

StuGov Updates

  • Senators- Senators, as mentioned before, will be meeting with the colleges masters on the 27th of this month to discuss both successes of Colleges system as well as potential improvements. Our recommendations for improvements will focus on three specific points: One, making ethics and cultural discussions more longitudinal throughout the Colleges curriculum. Two, making expectations for standardized patient interviews more clear and attempting to redistribute interviews in order to more consistently improve history taking skills. And three, reviewing and integrating physical exam skills more consistently.
    • Asking if it would be possible to move Thursday colleges to Tuesday for future classes!! Talking to Dr. Wagner about this.
  • Curriculum – We met with the Pre-Clerkship Curriculum Committee on Tuesday, and the whole meeting was dedicated to our proposals. They, particularly the PC3 Directors, were a bit shocked to hear that students didn’t like weekly quizzes, because the Class of 2019 raved about them and older students had suggested it when they were making the new curriculum. We emphasized that our proposal (1 midterm, 1 final, 1 or more lecture problem sets) was for PC2 only, and that we would present a structure for PC3 at a future meeting. Another concern was that the weekly quizzes are used to gauge who is struggling with the material; however, other Deans and Profs. mentioned that week 1 quizzes were usually low and not necessarily reflective of student’s aptitude. We said the midterm would serve the same purpose and give students 2 weeks to review and succeed on the final. One more concern was that the problem set (in Heme) was open book. All in all, the Committee was open to considering our proposal (Heme will be a pilot), and they thanked us for bringing it up (Again, our reasoning for the proposal made a lot of them reconsider some things). We will work on addressing some of their concerns. Preliminarily, our PC3 proposal is as follows: If the block is 4 weeks, then 1 midterm, 1 final, and 1 lecture problem set will occur. If the block is 5 weeks, then 4 quizzes and 1 final will occur. The week 1 quiz will not count for anything, and the best 2 scores out of the remaining 3 quizzes will count for the quiz average. If the block is 7 weeks, then 6 quizzes and 1 final will occur. The week 1 quiz will not count for anything, and the best 4 scores out of the remaining 5 quizzes will count for the quiz average.
  • Test – We talked to Dr. Chen about the recent postquiz review and were able to get a few questions accepted dealing with the alpha hemoglobin and hydrops fetalis, as well as the Vitamin K meeting. We will continue to contact Dr. Shen about other questions that were asked
  • OSR- I’m hosting a meeting on 2/16 at 3:00 PM in the library with Dart+Senators to discuss wellness in preparation for the OSR conference in April. Everyone is welcome to attend, and if you want to discuss other issues you’d like be to look into, feel free to stop by as well.
  • DIA- We will be meeting with Dr. Nesbitt and the other DIA officers to update everyone on our meeting with Dr. Carter as well as discuss subcommittees of DIA, which include Medical Education, Medical Research, and PRE-OP.
  • Education IT – Still working on discounts for privacy screen  
  • Electives – Scheduled to meet with Dr. Wagner and Betty to discuss and approve the Math in Medicine elective. Proposal has met all requirements so it should be approved quickly. Trying to implement the class this term itself.
  • Convergence – Top Golf Event Sunday, 2/26 at 11 AM. Please Publicize!
    • We had a meeting – we will be sticking with the old pain convergence activities and progress the same way.
    • Health Professionals Wide Facebook Group
    • We will be hosting our next event (after Top Golf) sooner than later at the Community Brewery on March 11 at 5-7PM.  A flyer will be created (by Elise or Kevin) and distributed AFTER Top Golf has occurred.
    • Our next meeting is Wednesday, March 15th at 5:15PM
  •  Global Health – No updates
  • Social Chairs – MS0 social was a success! We will be planning boat party soon + other small events (Mavs game, etc)

Committee Updates

  • Ambassadors Committee- The Ambassadors committee met on Monday of last week to discuss putting together a “guidebook” of sorts for the ambassadors. It will include template emails, a timeline, links to application websites, faculty email addresses, and any other resources necessary to ensure that ambassadors are not spending too much of their very valuable summer break communicating with incoming MS1s. Before the end of February we are hoping to have this completed. Additionally, we are currently gathering feedback regarding resources (like the “You’re in Now What?” page and Peoplesoft) that students use prior to arriving on campus. If you have any particular concerns/comments regarding these resources please notify Alex or Sanjana, who would greatly appreciate it.
  • Research Committee – Meeting with Dr. Tandon next week February 20 to discuss first possible workshop. We have divided the subcommittee into smaller sub-subcommittees each tasked with their own agendas that is relevant to SRS’s overall mission statement. We have a general meeting on Wednesday, March 1st at 12:15PM.  On our agenda for the various subcommittees is (Resources) will create a website platform and advertise our group facebook page,  (Journal Club) will work on the upcoming Journal Club dates & speakers, and (workshops) will meet with with Dr. Tandon to further detail the first program. One of the important upcoming program idea we have is “Myths in Medical Research” which we believe is an important introduction for the organization.
  • DART Committee – We will be meeting on Thursday at 2:45 PM to discuss our future meeting with Dr. Wiles and Dr. Wagner, as well as collaborate with our OSR rep. Sanjana to investigate how other medical schools engage students in Wellness activities as well as to see what specific programs targeting mental health, if any, medical schools have. Additionally, we are thinking of also gathering more data on mental health across national medical schools by sending out surveys on topics such as how often are mental health offices utilized and where do students go to first, second, and third when they are stressed/ “in trouble”.
  • Thank You Committee – Cards for Derm patients are sent, Dr Au’s patient card is written and ready to be delivered, Cards for the 2 Heme patients are in the works.

Personal/Student Org updates

  • Rachel Shober – Planned Parenthood Planning Meeting – Wednesday at Wednesday at 7pm: 2808 McKinney Ave Apt. 209A

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