2/3 Student Government Meeting

StuGov Updates – 2/3/17 at 10:45AM

President Updates

  • Pet Therapy – Kevin and Yarlini researched other pet therapy places – They will follow up with Suzi
    • Contacting the organization has been difficult but Yarlini and Kevin are working on it.
    • Tentative date – March 20th before our final, before spring break.
  • Anatomy Vigil – will purchase E4 bell for future vigils and find a bell holder to carry tradition
    • Met with Dr. Toller (UTSW alum) who plays bells – Class of 1954 will sponsor it so we’ll have bells.
  • DIT Dinner – free dinner, $150 discount, free t-shirts, $5 per person for charity of our choice, and a raffle for a free DIT Step 1 Review Course. All of this just for your presence at 18th & Vine BBQ on February 15th.
    • We should get at least 25-50 people here.
    • Senators – send out an email around February 10th.
    • The course here is $825.
  • Faculty Excellence Reception -February 14th at 12PM: Free food and awards
    • Voting ends on the 8th of February
    • Professors have been RSVPing – pizza for everyone; sandwich boxes for professors.
    • We will need people to help with setting up the food and welcoming professors
  • MS0 weekend — if you have time to help out, please let us know
    • Carrel Cafe is coming along!
    • Big concern is the apartments – Saturday afternoon is apartment tour – if anyone has time to be a bus captain or anything like that, please let us know. (4 buses with MS0s with 1 captain/bus – ideally more captains per bus)
    • 10 AM to 3 PM

StuGov Updates

  • Senators- We met with Dr. Wagner (&Co.) this past Monday. During our meeting, we presented our 3 main College’s improvements: 1. Incorporating Culture and Ethics longitudinally throughout sessions 2. Improve standardized patient interviews by making expectations clearer 3. Focus more on reviewing and practicing physical exam skills consistently. Overall, the feedback was taken very well from this preliminary meeting. We will be presenting to the College Masters Feb. 27th with our final version. Lastly, there was a brief mention of an initiative to bring in residents to supplement our College’s sessions.
  • There was also a meeting with the Masters this week – Yarlini attended – we discussed the success of the LOOK program from Dr. Sepdham, and feedback from this would be really great. This past year, 13 students and this year, 68 people applied and 26 were taken. He hopes they have a good experience and requests feedback.
  • Curriculum – We had our Feedback Meeting with the Course Directors for MSKS on Monday. We will make 2 proposals to the Pre-Clerkship Curriculum Committee next week: 1. The incorporation of 1 midterm and 1 final, with any other quizzes converted to Moodle Problem Sets, in PC2 courses. 2. The utilization of recorded standardized patient encounters from Colleges or websites that have patients or actors that talk about the symptoms of the diseases we’re learning about in class as a supplementary resource for students.
    • We really liked the MSK Reviews! We would like these again.
    • We weren’t quite ready for the style of clinical questions on rheumatology – stem was nice, but we weren’t really ready to go through the choices the way they were presented. Dr. Wagner brought up the MKSAP – bank with clinical questions. Good resource for upcoming assessments.
    • Board Vitals as a good free resource with questions.
    • In upcoming clerskhip meeting, they will be discussing feedback from other classes as well.
  • OSR-I’m going to be working with DIA on their “Diversity Curriculum” project. I’m also making some more adjustments to my own curriculum project based off the AAMC’s recommendations-it will be more of an informal questionnaire than a survey in order to bypass some IRB and timing issues. I will be attending an AAMC OSR conference in April, so if there’s an issue of particular importance to you, please talk to me. If there’s something you want me to be on the look out for, or advocate for, let me know as well.
    • Sanjana – They will be focusing a lot on wellness in the AAMC OSR conference – I want to meet with senators and DART subcommittee before the conference.
  • DIA- Skype meeting with Dr. Carter on Wednesday, February 1st at 2:40 pm. We will update the student government on our meeting during our next meeting.
    • They are incorporating more LGBTQ issues into their curriculum. Best way to do this is by first talking to course directors and asking if we could look through the syllabus and see what places we could possible put these issues in.
    • Would be great to add a slide or 2, giving some cultural relevance to our lectures. It will definitely be very relevant when we get to endocrinology, and the impact of hormones on transgender communities. It is important to put this kind of information out there, especially for people who have not been exposed to it before.
    • Dr. Carter said cultural competence is starting to become more relevant with test-taking as well.
    • To senators: we have some feedback from our focus group if you want that before your meeting.
    • Rachel: That would work well with our longitudinal ethics point that we are bringing up.
  • Education IT – Met with Faulkner about iPad support for testing purposes – 25% have interest in moving this forward, which is pretty significant given that most people probably wouldn’t use their iPad for an exam anyways. Also need to see if we can have expanded access to L building study rooms. Kevin is working with a company on a bulk order for privacy screens, for which we will be getting a school subsidy. Tell all your friends to fill out the interest form!
  • Convergence – Next social at Top Golf on 2/26 (more info to come)
    • Convergence implementation committee meeting 2/7 (2 weeks)
    • Next interprofessional leadership committee meeting 2/13 @ 5:15 PM – we will be talking about integrating volunteer activities across the different schools.
  • Global Health – Pre-trip workshop went well, some logistical follow-ups and feedback for future workshops
    • We will have surveys to gauge ways to improve for future years.
    • We also did cervical health awareness this week, and we were thinking about incorporating it into the student government blog to give it more attention.
  •  Social Chairs – working on a non-drinking MS0 social for MS0 weekend
    • Maybe something at Social Pie. More details to come.
    • Social pie is tiny.
    • It was late and at a bar last year.
    • Something lowkey like a brewery.

Committee Updates

  • Ambassadors Committee- We’re going to have a meeting on Monday at 4PM to discuss any resources we should create to help ambassadors in guiding the MS2021s, as well as how we can improve the “You’re in, Now what?” page. Look out for an email with more info and feel free to join us.
  • Research Committee – Sent out our Opportunities & Tools sheet. We have made our calendar and Facebook group (join!). We will be having our meeting after this meeting, so feel free to come by if you’d like. If anyone hears of any feedback or comments, please let us know!
    • Working on website – hopefully be done by February.
    • Working with someone named Dr. Tandon in cardio bioengineering field – he could come in to talk about grant writing and other research tools.
  •  DART Committee – We will be contacting Dr. Wiles and Dr. Wagner to introduce the committee and hopefully set up our first monthly discussion. We are thinking it might include something on mental health of foreign students and how we as a class should approach and help our fellow students out during these troubling times.
  • Thank You Committee – Thank you to Dermatology patients – obtaining list of names from Dr Wickless
    • Also going to get a card to the patient from first day of MSK and to Dr Nero’s friend (Dawn Johnson)


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