1/23/2016 Student Government Meeting

StuGov Updates – 1/23/2016 at 1PM

President Updates:

  • SLC – Meeting this Friday with new director of student financial aid – Ms. Melet Leafgreen
    1. For reimbursements and financial stuff, go to Bass office.
    2. Senators – if you see an email about an upcoming meeting, please ask students to submit feedback.
  •   Doctors in Training Presentation Dinner – free dinner, $150 discount, free t-shirts, $5 per person for charity of our choice, and a raffle for a free DIT Step 1 Review Course. All of this just for your presence at 18th & Vine BBQ on February 15th.
    1. We should get at least 25-50 people here.
    2. Senators – send out an email around February 10th.
    3. The course here is $825.
  •  Pet Therapy – Week of March 20
    1. Yarlini and Kevin are working on contacting an organization for this.
  • Faculty Excellence Reception – February 14th
    1. More information to come.
  •  MS0 Weekend Social – work with social chairs
    1. As part of MS0 committee, we were told that there was a social for incoming students last year so maybe social chairs should plan a social for incoming students this year – maybe a happy hour or something (not The Den).
  • MSO Carrel CafeFriday, February 10th from 11:45AM-1PM
    1. Dami has taken the lead on this. Encourage everyone to take part in this. Everything is free – just encourage MS0s to choose UTSW. Tell students to sign up.

StuGov Updates

  • Senators- We are working on our presentation for the meeting with Masters on February 27th. We will bring up 3 main problems with the Colleges curriculum and possible solutions to those problems. If anyone wants to discuss this with us in more detail, we will be available after the meeting!
    1. We met Saturday and went through the surveys and identified some problems that we want to address. We can discuss this after the meeting if anyone has any questions. We will be presenting these to Dr. Wagner on the 30th to see what he thinks and possibly come up with some solutions.
  • Curriculum – We will meet with the Course Directors for Heme. For Class of 2021, VA Credentialing will be in Orientation week, and the Skills Clinic will still occur before the Macromolecules exam.
    1. Right after the final, you need to present anything that you want told to course directors. Very fast turnaround.
  • Test – Meeting with Dr. Au Monday at 2 PM.
  • OSR-No updates
  • DIA- Had a campus wide DIA representatives meeting. We are planning a Dishing with DIA event for the next 2 Diversity Lunch and Learns. We will be having a Diversity Lunch and Learn on the “Hispanic/Latino Patient” this Wednesday, January 25th. Lunch will be provided.
    1. Resident at UT Houston that implemented their Cultural Competency program, so we will be meeting with him in the next few weeks to get some ideas and find ways to add to our curriculum. Sanjana will definitely be there.
    2. Talking about integrating cultural scenarios with topics we discuss in Colleges.
  • Education IT – Met with Dr. Faulkner about IT education updates; created a survey for student interest in IPad usage for examinations; discussed need for privacy screen for next block.
    1. Consider doing it after spring break? So students have more time.
    2. Consider bulk order.
    3. Maybe integrate with student orgs for during orientation.
  • Electives – No updates
  • Convergence – First interprofessional social went wonderfully! Great turnout; thank you to to all who came and to all who helped publicize the event.
    1. Next social at Top Golf on 2/26 (more info to come)
      1. Golden weekend!!
    2.  Convergence implementation committee meeting 2/7 (2 weeks)
    3. Next interprofessional leadership committee meeting 2/13 @ 5:15 PM
  • Global Health
    1. No updates
  • Social Chairs
    1. Will have MSK turn-up
    2. Farmer’s Market Sunday 1/29
  •  Secretary
  • Committee Updates
  • Welcome Committee- We met with Wes and Anne on Friday. We’re going to begin implementing our program starting in April/May. In the meantime, we will be coming up with a guidebook for all of our ambassadors to use and working with Wes and Anne to improve the resources that are already in place to help students transition to med school.
    1. Now the Ambassador Committee.
    2. We will start recruiting MS1s to be ambassadors when we get closer to April/May so the MS0 list will be solidified.
    3. We’re working on a guidebook with resources.
    4. You’re In, Now What website will be updated and revamped. Please let us know any suggestions you have. This website should be one stop shop for post-admission instructions.
    5. Try to improve PeopleSoft to be a better checklist.
  • Research Committee – List of research opportunities to sent out on Friday after exam. We will meet with Amanda and Dr. Galindo to set up first workshop of the month. We have divided our subcommittee into sub-sub committees each in charge of various aspects of research committee ( Research opportunities, Journal Club, and workshops).
    1. Successful first monthly discussion with presentations by Anish and Lawrence. We had great feedback.
    2. First email will have 80-90 research opportunities, mostly clinical.
    3. We will be working with Waqas, Anish and Kevin to work on setting up the website.
    4. Workshop and Journal Club in February.
    5. Working on making a calendar to keep student body updated.
    6. Working on making a Facebook page.
    7. Aakash will email students about upcoming dates.
  • DART Committee – We will draft an email for social responsibility to be sent with the MSK after-party email invite. We will contact Dr. Wiles to set up monthly discussions in respect to D.A.R.T.
  • Thank You Committee – No updates.
  • Personal/Student Org updates
  • Healthcare Justice Forum
    1. We’re starting a forum that will be held at the end of Feb with speakers talking about the ACA and the changes it’s undergoing. We, as a group of students, feel it’s important to be educated on health policy, so we can educate our patients about policy and learn about what we can and can’t say. If you want to get involved in the planning, contact Sanjana or Umaru.
    2. Also thinking about a couple of other events before the forum.
  • United 2 Serve Positions
    1. Still positions for booths and stuff that are still available.
    2. There are a bunch of positions for Science Zone and we need people to be on some of the booths.
  •  We used to have 3 weeks and just a final exam – instead of weekly quizzes, what are opinions on there being Moodle quizzes/problem sets that might not be graded.
    1. Quizzes every Friday are burning students out.



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