What is Hematopoiesis?

Hey everyone,

First I would like to say I hope everyone is doing well. Always remember that we are Diverse & Inclusive family here at UT Southwestern. As events unfold, please remember we should always be there for each other and we have great support services with great faculty such as Dr. Wiles, Dr. Mihalic, or Dr. Wagner. As the African principle of Ubuntu goes “I am what I am because of who we all are”.

As we get back into a new course, here is the news for this week.

  1. Doctors in Training (DIT) Presentation Dinner – Join us for a free dinner, $150 discount, free t-shirts, $5 per person for charity of our choice, and a raffle for a free DIT Step 1 Review Course. All of this just for your presence at 18th & Vine BBQ on February 15th. Here is the RSVP:  https://goo.gl/forms/QygFZYiotdRc3cS93
  1. Pathoma – Pathoma is offering the newly-released 2017 editionof Dr. Sattar’s Fundamentals of Pathology text with 21-month access to online videos for only $99.95 (regularly $119.95). This offer is valid until Thursday, Feb 2 at midnight. Visit the Pathoma.com Sign Up page, choose the 21-month subscription, and use coupon code UTSW99 to obtain the discount. 
  1. Save The Date: Faculty Excellence Reception  Feb 14 at 12PM in D1.700. We will send out a ballot soon and you can vote on which professors and courses were so awesome that they deserve an award.
  1. Multicultural Week – The annual Multicultural Awareness Week is coming up in February and will be held February 6-10th. The Celebration of Cultures event will be on Feb. 10th. Please visit: Multicultural Week for more information.
  1. MS0 Weekend – On Friday, February 10th and Saturday, February 11th all accepted students will be participating in MS0 weekend. We look forward to student engagement in the events and programs.
  1. TB screening started on Wednesday January 18! We all have to get it done, so don’t forget (See calendar at end of update)! Deadline: Feb 10th.It’s time for your Annual Tuberculosis Screening!

    Here are the 5 Ws of TB screening at UTSW:
    WHAT: QuantiFERON-TB Gold (QFT)
    WHO: ALL clinical students are required to have the QFT blood test. There are NO EXCEPTIONS this year. Students with history of a past positive TB screen or treatment for latent TB ARE STILL REQUIRED to have a QFT.
    WHERE: Student Health (Aston 8th floor)
    WHEN: January 18th – February 10th from 8:30am to 4:00pm.  See attached calendars.
    WHY: It is an annual requirement for all clinical students
    HOW: Come to Student Health, MUST HAVE your UTSW photo ID, get a requisition, and get your blood drawn. No appointment necessary.
    QUESTIONS – Contact us at studenthealth@utsouthwestern.edu or 214-645-8690.


  1. Check out the Student Profile tab to learn more about Christine Dang of Estabrook College.
  2. SLC Meeting – this past Thursday, we met with new director of student financial Aid, Ms. Melet Leafgreen. On Thursday (2/2) we will be joined by Ms. Angelica Marin-Hill.  Ms. Marin-Hill is Vice President for Government Affairs. She can give us her perspective on the current session of the Texas Legislature. Send us any questions/comments you have.
  3. Privacy Filter Bulk Order –As you’ve heard, the administration has decided to move forward on making privacy filters mandatory during quizzes, exams, and iRATs. Many students have expressed their displeasure at this policy, so we hope to minimize the inconvenience and cost for everyone. As stated before, StuGov will be ordering these privacy filters in bulk, which should get the cost down to as low as $15, depending on how many people order.

    Please click this link and let us know BY FRIDAY if you would like us to order a discounted, **non-adhesive** privacy filter for you.

  4. Open L Rooms – We settled on the opening of 10 L  rooms from 7am to 9pm all days of the week. These are the rooms:

L2.108 Meeting Room

L2.112 Meeting Room

L2.114 Meeting Room

L2.118 Meeting Room

L2.122 Meeting Room

L2.124 Meeting Room

L3.215 Meeting Room

L3.217 Meeting Room

L3.219 Meeting Room

As always, if you need anything or have suggestions, please do let us know. We are here for YOU!

Umaru and Clementine



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