What is SPF?

Hey everyone,

Here are the news for this week.

1. Doctors in Training (DIT) Presentation Dinner – Join us for a free dinner, $150 discount, free t-shirts, $5 per person for charity of our choice, and a raffle for a free DIT Step 1 Review Course sponsored by DIT. All of this just for your presence at 18th & Vine BBQ on February 15th from 4:30PM – 6:30PM. Here is the RSVP.

“We offer a $150 off discount when we do physical presentations, free food & tshirts, as well as $5 per person who comes out to the presentation to the charity of your class’ choice. If we get at least 25 people out to the dinner presentation, we will also raffle off a free DIT Step1 Review Course.” – Jaclyn Engel, Southeast Director of Sales for Doctors in Training

To learn more about Doctors in Training, please visit: doctorsintraining.com

2. MS0 Weekend Presents Carrel Cafe – MS0 weekend is fast-approaching, and with that comes the ever so exciting CARREL CAFE on Friday, February 10th from 11:45am-1pm! If you will be in attendance, please fill out this Google Form.

It is now our time to step up and host our future colleagues. The lunch provided to those who sign up includes a drink, sandwich, chips, and dessert. If you enjoy baking and feel like bringing a baked good, you are welcome to (and feel free to display college pride, like making orange cupcakes for Estabrook).

3. Student Government Research Subcommittee – Thank you to everyone who came to the research forum. The committee will be sending out a list of summer research opportunities Dr. Galindo and Amanda have helped compile along with our upcoming plans for the subcommittee.

For anyone interested in joining, please contact Mahmoud Elguindy or Umaru Barrie.

4. Pathoma – Our discounted Pathoma deal will begin on 1/25. We will send an email with instructions that day. Reminder: This will be the last time we offer a deal for Pathoma.

5. TB screening started on Wednesday January 18! We all have to get it done, so don’t forget! Deadline: Feb 10th.

WHO: ALL clinical students are required to have the QFT blood test. There are NO EXCEPTIONS this year. Students with history of a past positive TB screen or treatment for latent TB ARE STILL REQUIRED to have a QFT.
WHERE: Student Health (Aston 8th floor)
WHEN: January 18th – February 10th from 8:30am to 4:00pm. See calendar at the bottom of this post.
WHY: It is an annual requirement for all clinical students
HOW: Come to Student Health with your UTSW photo ID, get a requisition, and get your blood drawn. No appointment necessary.
QUESTIONS – Contact us at studenthealth@utsouthwestern.edu or 214-645-8690

6. Save The Date: Faculty Excellence Reception – Feb 14th at 12pm in D1.700. We will send out a ballot soon and you can vote on which professors and courses were so awesome that they deserve an award.

7. Check out the Student Profile tab to learn more about Nicole Akinseye of Cary College.

8. SLC Meeting – This past Thursday, we discussed the possible relocation of the cashier’s office from the south campus administration building to the Bass Center. This week we will meet with the new director of student financial aid – Ms. Melet Leafgreen. Send us any questions/comments you have on financial aid.

As always, if you need anything or have suggestions, please do let us know. We are here for YOU!

Umaru and Clementine



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