Weekly Events 1/23 – 1/27

If you’d like your event to be included on the blog each week and my biweekly email (Monday/Wednesday), please email your event to Ahana.Yogesh@utsouthwestern.edu by 7:30 PM on Saturday night (or 7:30 PM on Wednesday night for any updates). Also, if you see your event on this email, please refrain from sending out individual event reminders unless you fall under an exception.

The weekly event blog post can be found here: https://utsw2020.wordpress.com/category/events/


    1. SCOPE Arts & Humanities Journal submissions due February 5th.
      • Submissions can be emailed to utswscope@gmail.com.
    2. PMIG: Sign up for Rockport Heart Walk on February 3rd.
    3. AVID Volunteer Sign-up – January 31st – teaching basic science at TJ Rusk Middle School.
    4. Interest survey for Southwestern Student Connection’s Day at Southwestern volunteer event (date TBD)
    5. PMRSIG Officer Application:
    6. WSS Skills Clinic Signup:
    7. IDIG Shadowing Signup
    8. Hem/Onc shadowing Signups:
    9. SIGN Shadowing Signup (please only sign up for one spot; more spots will be available in February)
    10. Reminder: EMIG shadowing at Parkland & Children’s EDs is available 7 days/week from 7-11pm! Instructions & Sign-Ups:
    11. TSS Shadowing Signups:
    12. EMIG Texas Two Step Signup – February 11th and 12th
    13. Psych SIG: Access to free membership to American Psychiatric Association (APA).
      • psychiatry.org/join
      • Contact Benjamin.Bleiberg@UTSouthwestern.edu for more info.
    14. Register for DIT Step 1 Review Course before Tuesday, January 31st to receive $100 off the course price.
      • In order to receive this discount, simply visit www.doctorsintraining.com, select the 2016 Step 1 Review Course, and enter the code S1UTSW17 during checkout.
      • Contact: jaclyn.engel@doctorsintraining.com

Monday, January 23rd:

  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. GHIG Global Health Summer Project Workshop – Gooch C2.106 – lunch for those who RSVPed.
    2. CSF Lunch Break Fellowship with Dr. Christo Phillip (EM, medical missions) – Gooch C2.108 – Mike’s Chicken provided
    3. PIG – Dr. Amatruda – Pediatric Hem/Onc – D1.600 – Alonti lunch boxes for 40.
    4. #ProudToBeGIM – Dr. Oanh Kieu Nguyen – What is GIM? Introduction and Overview – D1.700 – lunch provided

Tuesday, January 24th:

  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. Humanities Discussion Group – in cafeteria (past Big Toss)
    2. #ProudToBeGIM – Dr. Fred Cerise – Why I Love My Career as a GIM Leader & Innovator  – D1.700 – lunch provided


Wednesday, January 25th:

  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. Diversity Lunch and Learn – Dr. Evelyn Gopez – Hispanic/Latino Patient – Medical Care in the Setting of the Latino Culture – D1.502
    2. #ProudToBeGIM – Dr. Jason Newman – Why I Love My Career as a GIM Expert Clinician – D1.700 – lunch provided

Thursday, January 26th:

  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. #ProudToBeGIM – Dr. Ethan Halm – Why I Love My Career as a GIM Clinician-Researcher – D1.700 – lunch provided

Friday, January 27th:

  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. #ProudToBeGIM – Dr. James Wagner – Why I Love My Career as a GIM Clinician-Educator – D1.700 – lunch provided


  1. GIG Lunch Meeting – Feb 1st at 12 PM – location TBD – Dr. Amit Shah

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