1/12/2016 Student Government Meeting

StuGov Updates – 1/12/2017 at 2:45PM

President Updates

  1. Vote on Kyle Saysana to replace Al Gilani as Convergence Representative
    • All voted in favor of Kyle as new Convergence Rep.
  2. Student Government Schedule – Discuss objections to proposed meeting dates/ times and vote
    • All voted in favor of new schedule.
  3. Dog Therapy Event for spring semester
    • Yarlini and Kevin will be trying to coordinate a dog therapy event before spring break, and we will try to have 2 this semester.
  4. Social event on Saturday at Social Pie 2-5PM
  5. Faculty Excellence Reception – Feb 14 at 12PM
    • Room has been booked. 
    • There will be a roast for students and then the next day the faculty excellence lunch.
  6. Pathoma
    • We’ve been in touch over break and they’ve offered the deal again to the end of January. Tell people not to wait for the next time the deal is offered because they may not offer it again.

StuGov Updates

  1. Senators- The Summer Olympics are on May 3rd – Dami is leading the Olympics again! The Senators have a Meeting with the Masters at the end of February – if there are any comments that people have on the Colleges curriculum or anything they feel strongly about, please let your senator know before then.
  2. Curriculum – We are collecting feedback on the PC1 calendar and any preliminary thoughts on the PC2 one.
    • We are going to compile a formal document for Dr. Mihalic. This is your chance to point out small things that happened during PC1 that you would like changed – please send to Christian and Aakash.
  3. Test – We contacted the professors for MSKS, and they’ve agreed to have us conduct quiz/test reviews at the review sessions for the course, as well as seeing our suggestions for the course
  4. OSR- We’re pulling out of the OSR action against Tom Price. I’ve sent my project proposal (student satisfaction with PC curriculum length) and should be hearing back soon so I can get started.
  5. DIA- We have completed the transcript and summary of the DIA PC1 Focus Group meeting notes. We will email copies of the notes to the Clementine and Umaru.  
  6. Education IT – We are setting up a meeting with Dr. Faulkner about recent IT feedback and finding out any student concerns with EPIC training in the past.
    • Can we ask to get badge access to the L2 rooms?
  7. Electives – just received an elective proposal from Umaru and Mahmoud called “Healthcare in Underserved Communities.” Have sent it along to the elective committee and we will work with the Umaru and Mahmoud to make any changes, and then approve it as soon as possible.
  8. Convergence – New Convergence chair proposal
    • Institutional Leadership Group – meeting is this Thursday at 5pm. We will be hosting a social mixer this Saturday from 2PM – 6PM at Social Pie.
    • Senators – Send an email to your colleges by end of the Thursday
    • Convergence – Send email Friday evening to the class
    • Committee implementation meeting February first week.
  9. Global Health
    • Pre-trip workshop scheduled for January 23rd
    • Want to make process to go on global trips more streamlined. Jide and Emily have been working to organize a list of mentors. Please spread the news about the upcoming workshop.
  10. Social Chairs
    • Talking about doing a boat party this spring instead of the fall
    • Will plan an event for post-MSK block

Committee Updates

  1. Welcome Committee-Alex and Sanjana are meeting with Wes on 1/17 to discuss the next steps. Once match happens, we’ll start pairing MS2020 with students in MS2021.
  2. Research Committee – we have organized research opportunities given to us from medical student research office. We are working on creating a student web-based platform, organizing workshops, and establishing journal clubs. We are hoping to meet with Amanda and Dr. Galindo to discuss programming and our continuous role in assisting medical student research. The last meeting the committee had was on last Friday, Jan 6!
  3. DART Committee – we met on Monday January 9 with social chairs and senators to discuss our goals for the semester and next fall. We hope for social chairs to help put together a small email to the class that can be attached to each social event to remind the class to be responsible at the event, as well as help coordinate the “sober squad” (name still TBD). Senators will help set up monthly round-table discussions with the Mental Health team, hopefully to begin sometime in February/March.
  4. Thank You Committee – vote on proposed new committee
    • Christy and Haley will be heading this committee.
    • This committee will write thank you cards to patients who come in and speak.
    • All voted in favor of the thank you committee.

Personal/Student Org updates

  1. Texas Two Step – EMIG: Emily Huang
    • Statewide event, all 11 TX med schools
    • We need lots of volunteers
    • Going into communities and teaching hands-on CPR
    • Feb 11 and 12
  2. Healthcare forum and Healthcare in Underserved Communities Elective



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