What is Paget’s Disease of Bone?

Happy Week 2 of PC2 everyone!

Here are the news:

1. Pathoma – The company has agreed to offer a class discount beginning on 1/25/17 and lasting for 1 week. It will be the 21 month package, for $99.95. Note: This will be the last time we offer this discount.

2. Social Pie Mixer – This Saturday, 1/14, from 2-6PM at Social Pie. This will be a great opportunity to meet people from other schoos (health professions and graduate school ) at UTSW.


3. Please fill out the housing survey Dr. Mihalic sent out yesterday. It’s quick and it will help the MS0s tremendously in their search for a new home.

4. Save The Date: Faculty Excellence Reception – Feb 14 at 12pm at D1.700. We will send out a ballot soon and you can vote on which professors and courses were so awesome that they deserve an award.

5. Check out the Student Profile tab to learn more about Amita Kulshreshtha of Seldin College.

That’s all for this week! May the odds be ever in our favor for quiz 1 of PC2.

Clementine and Umaru


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