What is a muscle?

Greetings PC2s!

Happy New Year!  We hope you’ve all had wonderful holidays!

It seems as if it was just yesterday we were PC1s. Below is an excerpt from the class of 2019 blog on what we have accomplished as PC1s.

Here is what we have to look forward to as PC2s!



This doesn’t look so bad right? I know we can do this!

Now that we have that out of the way, heres the news for the week.

1. Pathoma
Pathoma is a Pathology resource geared largely toward the USMLE STEP 1. Since we received a large number of interest from our survey,  we have been working on a class discount (21 month package for $99.95 (regularly $119.95 for 21 months)and will send out the discount code once we receive approval from the company.This company usually sends out discounts in March, however as we asked them to make an exception for our class, it is taking them a while to get approval. Please note: The discount is only $20 less than the original price online, and we don’t know exactly when we’ll be able to offer it, so if you’d rather get Pathoma now at the full price, feel free to do so. You can check out Pathoma at www.Pathoma.com.

2. UTSW Institutional Leadership Group Mixer – Through a joint committee,  the medical school working together with the school of health professions and graduate school established the “UTSW Institutional Leadership Group” to facilitate communication between the schools and provide social, academic, and professional development opportunities. The aim is to create a campus culture where the student body of all the schools come together as one at UT Southwestern. The group will be hosting a welcome back mixer at Social Pie on Saturday January 7th from 2pm to 6pm. See the flyer below.

3. Student of the week –  Check out Pritchard’s own Rachel Shober’s story on the student profile section of the blog.

4. Course Schedule – As you may have noticed, our schedule is not as fixed as the previous semester. Before scheduling any trips during a “golden weekend”, please do check the colleges calendar. There maybe some weekend sessions in addition to the weekday meetings.

5. Start using First Aid as a reference – A Message from your curriculum representatives
Alas, we have reached the integrated medicine portion of our pre-clerkship curriculum. Although our courses will go into greater detail and cover other things, it is recommended that you skim/peruse First Aid in each block. It will provide an overview of what you need to know for the Step exam. Dean Mihalic will discuss this point further at an upcoming M&M talk. Note: Studying First Aid alone will not be sufficient to pass your courses; review the syllabus & lecture. Also, after each block, AOA will have sessions that cover relevant Step questions.

Have a great week and always feel free to send us questions, thoughts or anything else.

Umaru & Clementine
Your Class Presidents


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