12/7/2016 Student Government Meeting

StuGov Meeting Agenda – December 7th, 2016 at 2:45pm

  1. Welcome
  2. Co-Presidents’ Updates
    1. Website overhaul – will be addressed by IT
    2. Toy Drive is over
    3. MS2 Election on Friday
    4. Therapy Dogs Event – Yarlini and Kevin
    5. New update submission online document feedback
  3. StuGov Updates
    1. Senators
      • Senators would like to thank everyone that participated in the Winter Olympics and we will be working on few things for the next Olympics.
      • Also, survey will be sent to everyone soon with regards to this semester’s colleges.
    2. Curriculum
      • We had a feedback meeting with the Course Directors for Human Structures last Wednesday.
      • We attended a Pre-Clerkship Curriculum meeting on Tuesday.
    3. Test – no updates
    4. OSR
      • The OSR 2020 project will be about student satisfaction with different preclinical curriculum tracks (1 yr vs 1.5 yr vs 2 yr). I’m in the process of writing my project proposal and will send it to the AAMC soon, and get started on writing the survey afterwards.
      • Project involving Dr. Tom Price has been postponed indefinitely. A group of students within the OSR are taking action against the nomination of Dr. Tom Price (Republican from Georgia) as DHHS Secretary.
    5.  DIA
      • Focus group was completed, 20 students attended, and we received valuable info which will be analyzed after break.
      • We would, at some point, hope to meet with Curriculum committee to discuss the feedback we received and improve diversity.
      • We will hold another Dishing With DIA in the spring.
      • The main topics that came up: we don’t really learn about how different cultures exist amongst the patients we see until the last block. We would want patients to maybe come in and talk about their cultural background and how it plays into their care.
      • Another topic was the anonymous submission forms – if incidents were to happen, regarding discrimination, there is an overwhelming consensus that it is not actually anonymous. There is a certain number of under-represented students, so even if they did submit a form, people would be able to pinpoint who did it.
    6. Education IT
      • Met with website administration staff last week with other class presidents to give feedback on the design of the new .edu feedback. If anyone is interested in getting involved (or has any ideas) in helping the website cater to student needs, let me know!
    7.  Electives
      • Met with Cooper and discussed his plan to come up with a Math in Medicine elective. The elective will talk about involving math in medicine and understanding why things happen, rather than just being told. There is a lot of strong interest in the class.
    8. Global Health
      • The GHIG officers have been selected! We’ll have our first officer meeting soon to begin discussing future events. Ideas include global awareness days, global health conference, skills clinics, etc.
      • Global health project workshop in early January
    9. Social Chairs
      •  we broke even and made more for prom. We want people to show up earlier (not like a social where we show up late) because it is a formal event. We need to check people in and we want to be done with that by 11. Possible drink vouchers for those who show up early.
  1. DART – Drug and Alcohol Responsibility Team: hoping to tackle education of student body on social responsibility and increasing awareness of substance abuse and mental health; continuously making sure students take responsibility for themselves and each other; hopefully have monthly round table discussions and helping keep people on track and keeping them thinking about these issues. We also want to have a pre-OP symposium to address alcohol and how to party safely. We also want to have a formal DD service and alcohol monitors at each event (working with social chairs.) We’ll also be working with welcoming committee to work out a mentoring thing. All voted in favor of DART committee.
  1. Research subcommittee met last week. We have 17 members. Meeting went well. We’ll be meeting with Amanda to discuss goals submitted by each member. We’ll be sending emails to professors over winter break and by beginning of January, we’ll have an organized list of research opportunities for students to look into.

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