What is Diphyllobothrium?

Hey everyone!

Only one more exam before VACATION TIME!!! Who’s excited?

News for this week:

1. Candlelight Vigil cards – We will be removing them from the Student Center and delivering them to the Willed Body Program tonight (Monday December 5th), so if you haven’t signed yours yet, head over there before 3:30PM today!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Vigil, clearly the most talented med students in the country all ended up at UTSW somehow.

If you have some thoughts, drawings, poems… etc… on anatomy that you’d like us to share on the blog, please send them to us.

2. Watch last Wednesday’s M&M recording to see our announcements about committees and more awesome stuff.

3. The next Student Government meeting is happening this Wednesday, December 7th, at 2:45PM. Anyone is welcome to attend.

4. New website design – We’ve had a couple meetings on the re-designing of the utsouthwestern.edu, utsouthwestern.net websites, as well as the development of a phone app for quicker access to all things UTSW-related. If you are interested in participating in focus groups on the topic in the future, please let Umaru and I know.

5. Prom tickets are now available! Yule Ball. December 16th. Be there or be square. Tickets are $15, or be an early bird and take advantage of the limited-time offer of 2 tickets for $25 until 12/7 (this Wednesday). Here’s the link to buy tickets and get excited: http://yuleball.southwesternstudents.com/

6. Student of the Week is Ivy Nguyen from Estabrook College. Don’t forget to stop by the “Student Profile” tab to find out more about Ivy.

As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Clementine and Umaru


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