11/02/2016 Student Government Meeting

1. SLC updates

a. Detailed updates can be found on blog.
b. MedPark

• MS1s have an extremely low chance of getting a unit at MedPark, but we tell applicants to apply there – we should either change this or stop pushing applicants to apply for MedPark. We want to make this (building more units) a higher priority for the MedPark manager.

c. LCME Update

• LCME survey had 85% completion rate. It has been analyzed to see what internal changes should be made.

3. Current Agendas

a. Candlelight Vigil

• November 28th at 6:30 PM
• We will need help buying supplies and setting up. Senators will be expected to attend. We will need plenty of help setting up and preparing for the event.
• We want people to sing and perform for the event.
• We want to have a family member of a donor come in and speak.

b. Multicultural Potluck

• We want to have a multicultural potluck event for the whole class sometime this semester- possible after Thanksgiving, and another one in February.

c. Intercollegiate Community Service – MS1 Toy Drive for Children’s Medical Center of Dallas or Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

• We want to organize an intercollegiate longitudinal community service event, like a toy drive, as part of the initiative to build an inter-collegiate community.
• Colleges would get points.

d. “Big Sibling Program”, Inter-Professional Convergence and Sketchy discussed later

4. Proposed Subcommittees

a. Constitution Amendment

• We want to amend the Constitution to reflect the new process for creating a subcommittee. We want to have a formalized form where each subcommittee will have to fulfill 5 criteria (objective, relevance, agenda, purpose and recruitment) and anyone proposing a subcommittee will have to present it at a meeting.

b. Research Committee (Mahmoud and Umaru)

• Some goals would be to share the research opportunities available to students, inform professors about student research, and meet and talk with Dr. Galindo for updates on available opportunities. This committee would be an opportunity for students to share the research they’re doing with other students. It would be non-confrontational, nothing on the line, and students would be practicing their presentation skills without faculty supervision.
• We would potentially have monthly research discussions.
• We’d also have multiple research fields that would be under this subcommittee (case reports, health policy, global health, engineering, etc.) and this would also help stimulate interdisciplinary research.
• If it got enough interest, it could potentially branch into a student organization.

c. Big Sibling Committee (Sanjana and Alex)

• We’re trying to design a program that would allow MS1s and MS0s to interact with current MS1s and MS2s on a consistent basis. We are trying to implement a more effective big sibling program. We’ll do this by implementing something in concurrence with what we have going on currently with the family system.
• In the emails MS0s receive before PRE-OP, they would receive a short form asking about interests, hobbies, their undergrad, and we would use the results to try to pair MS0s with MS1s.
• 3:1 ratio of mentees:mentors.
• Signing up to be a mentor would be voluntary – research shows that in schools where mentor/mentee programs are voluntary, there is more involvement, commitment, and success.

5. Announcements

a. OSR – Sanjana

• Big/Little program
• Proposed OSR project meeting with Dr. Mihalic next week.

b. Convergence – Al and Rodney

• Convergence Case Study Discussion at TT Dallas 11/4 at 1
• Dinner/drinks meeting with student leaders of other active interprofessional collaborative next week.
• UTSW Institutional Convergence Committees monthly meeting 11/1 at 4

c. Education/IT – Waqas and Kevin

• Meeting with Dr. Faulkner 11/1 about testing software, Moodle, O drive
• SketchyMed discount still in works
• Access for L2 study rooms

d. DIA – Paul and Somto

• Recent Dishing with DIA meeting
• 11/15 12 PM- Intercollege forum
• Focus group after break
 20-30 students ideally
 The purpose is to gauge the cultural climate at UTSW. We don’t want it to just to be underrepresented minorities; we want all students to know how to interact with patients and colleagues who do not share the same background as you.
• Collaboration with LCME results.

e. Global Health- Emily

• GHIG app is due 11/4
• Spring break apps due 11/15. DR trip is doing Mr./Ms. UTSW.

f. Senators

• Winter College Olympics – December 2nd. Date will be presented to Dr. Wagner.
• There will be 2 wellness socials – one at Chuy’s, one at a roller skating venue. Each student can pick one to attend.
• Chuy’s – 11/14 from 4-7 PM

e. Curriculum

•The Genetics and Colleges feedback meeting went great. At the Pre-Clerkship Curriculum meeting, Aakash and Christian made two proposals:

1. Aakash proposed the incorporation of MS4 feedback on PC1 syllabi (like what was done in O&H)
2. Christian proposed the incorporation of a patient talk in more pre-clerkship courses.

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