What is a perineum?

Hello all,

We hope you had a great weekend. Here is what to look forward to for the upcoming weeks:

Wellness Events – Designed to encourage Bigs and Littles to spend time together outside of school! This should be both a fun way to de-stress from school, and a way to foster community within your groups. Please talk to your Bigs and make plans to attend at least one of the events as a group. Here are the details:
  • Event #1: Chuy’s Happy Hour
    • When? Monday, 11/14 from 4-7 p.m.
    • Where? Chuy’s at 4544 McKinney Ave. at Knox-Henderson, Dallas, TX 75205
    • What? ~FREE~ nacho bar, house margaritas for $4.50, and more
    • More info: https://www.chuys.com/locations/dallas/dallas
  • Event #2: Roller Skating Party
    • When? Thursday, 11/17 from 7-9:30 p.m.
    • Where? Mid-Cities Skate, 1333 South Beltline Rd., Irving, TX 75060
    • What? $4 covers skates and admission
    • More info: http://www.midcitiesskate.com
Subcommittees – Student Government has created a Research Committee to facilitate student access to research, as well as a Big Siblings Committee. You can join these subcommittees and be a part of Student Government to improve campus culture.
  • Big Siblings Committee –  The goals of the Subcommittee are as follows (3)
    • Either greatly improve beyond recognition or ultimately replace the current college “family” system.
    • Construct a system that gives MS1’s a more comfortable and efficient avenue for requesting advice from the MS2’s prior to even arriving on campus
    • Create a culture of mentorship that readily invests in and values the classes behind them
    • Email: Sanjana.Balachandra@utsouthwestern.edu /Alex.Guinn@utsouthwestern.edu for more information.
  • Research Committee – The goals of the Subcommittee are as follows (3)
    • Gather and Share research opportunities available to students in one forum
    • Promote research discussion within students without daunting faculty supervision
    • Stimulate learning of interdisciplinary academic and clinical research 
    • Email: Mahmoud.Elguindy@utsouthwestern  /Umaru.barrie@utsouthwestern.edu for more information.
  • YOU can create a subcommittee within StuGov to address an important aspect of medical education. One or multiple members of the student body may present a proposed subcommittee to the Co-Presidents at any time. Upon unanimous approval by the Co-Presidents, the founding student(s) is (are) required to attend a Cabinet meeting for confirmation of their subcommittee. The subcommittee will be confirmed by a two-thirds vote in the affirmative. Following formal establishment, subcommittee members will be recruited by the Subcommittee Chair(s). The subcommittee members shall be approved by the Co-Presidents. Any member of the student body is eligible to participate in a subcommittee.
Candle Light Vigil – Anatomy Appreciation – November 28th, 2016 at 6:30PM in the Student Center – This event will serve as a way to express our gratitude for the gift made to our medical education by the donors and their family members. This service is organized each year to give medical students and faculty the chance to express our gratitude for the gifts made to our medical education by the donors and their family members. Anatomy is like no other experience in medicine, and we are truly humbled by their decision. As part of the candlelight vigil, we will have student speakers/performers along with faculty speakers. If you are interested in speaking or performing (Spoken word, Poetry, Sing, etc..), please email Clementine (Clementine.young@utsouthwestern.edu) and I (Umaru.barrie@utsouthwestern.edu). The deadline to contact us will be November 11, 2016. 
Student of the week – Make sure you visit the student profile tab to learn about Sherwin Kelekar of Pritchard College. If you are interested in being highlighted as student of the week, please contact your Senator. This is a fun way to learn about our classmates!
Curriculum Committee Update – The Genetics and Colleges feedback meeting went great. At the Pre-Clerkship Curriculum meeting, Aakash and Christian made two proposals:
1. Aakash proposed the incorporation of MS4 feedback on PC1 syllabi (like what was done in O&H)
2. Christian proposed the incorporation of a patient talk in more pre-clerkship courses.
SLC Meeting – This past Thursday, we had a joint meeting with Diversity and Inclusion Alliance (DIA) Representatives. During our meeting with DIA, we discussed the progress of DIA for the past 2 years since its establishment on campus. DIA has worked on standardizing its election process so that it incorporates both the Office of Diversity and general student body. DIA also consists of four subcommittees namely PRE+OP, Diversity in Medical Education, Diversity in Research, and Campus Relations that all work together to promote its overall agenda. DIA will be hosting focus groups which will talk about class concerns related to diversity and inclusion, in addition to lunch meetings and the diversity speaker series. There is a DIA Forum on November 16th at NL3.1030 hosted by the graduate school of UTSW. Lastly, we discussed the possibility of having joint DIA meetings with the medical school DIA representatives and DIA representatives at the other two schools (School of Health Professions and Graduate School). For more information on DIA and what they are doing on campus, please contact your DIA representatives Paul (Paul.Parisot@utsouthwestern.edu) and Somto (Somtomchi.Okafor@utsouthwestern.edu).
This Thursday we will be meeting with Dasha Clay of the Campus Shuttle Service. If you have any specific questions/concerns, please send them to us so that they can be addressed. 
Flu Shot – Last reminder: The deadline is November 11th.

As always, please email us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Umaru and Clementine


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