Weekly Events 11/7-11/13


  1. Become a mentor for High School Students in the area this January/February with HPREP!
  2. Help with AMWA’s Medical Student “Panels” for Interviewees on Saturdays of Interview Weekends!
  3. Perform in Mr. & Mrs. UT Southwestern (Link 1) or Bake in the Bake Off (Link 2)!
  4. Sign up for the Beard and Mane Auction to raise money for on campus labs researching prostate cancer!
  5. Volunteer with Healthy Living and Teach Middle & High Schoolers about Healthy Life Styles!

Monday, November 7

  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. SCF: Dr. Mark Fulmer, Interventional Radiologist & President of American Radiology Associates in C2.106 – Mike’s Chicken
    2. ELECTIVE Med Ed II: Assessment and Evaluation of Teaching and Learning by Dr. Faulkner in TBL D Space
    3. PRSIG: “Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgery: From Anatomy to Real World Problems” by Dr. Jonathan Cheng in D1.700 – Chick-fil-A for 30
    4. St. Basil Society: Challenges of Healthcare Delivery to the Indigent of Dallas by Dr. Frederick P. Cerise, President & CEO of Parkland Health & Hospital System
    5. PM&R: Depression After Traumatic Brain Injury by Dr. Jess R. Fann in D1.602

Tuesday, November 8

  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. ELECTIVE: Patient Centered Communication Strategies: “End of Life Care in Diverse Populations: Providing Care with Sensitivity and Humility” by Dr. Ramona Rhodes in D1.102

Wednesday, November 9

  1. Lunch Meetings
    1. ELECTIVE: Women’s Health: “Aging” by Dr. Vivyenne Roche in D1.100 – Bistro Bi Sandwiches
  2. ELECTIVE: Humanism in Medicine “Art of the Physical Exam Part II” 5:00-6:30pm at the VA

Thursday, November 10

  1. Lunch Meetings:
    1. ELECTIVE: QI: “Intervention” in D1.102

Friday, November 11

  1. Lunch Meetings:
    1. ELECTIVE: Med Ed II: “Effective Survey Design” by Dr. Joan Reisch in D1.100
  2. Mr. & Mrs. UT Southwestern Pageant, Silent Auction, & Bake-Off at 6pm in Student Center: Proceeds Benefit Spring Break 2017 DR Trip!
  3. DEADLINE: Radiation Oncology SIG Officer Application Due at 9pm

Saturday, November 12

  1. AMWA Women’s Student Panel with Interviewees at 8am by Vending Machines


  1. Wednesday, 11/6 EMIG Meeting with Dr. Ellen Taylor in D1.700
  2. Save the Date: December 16 – Yule Ball
  3. Monday, 11/14: Wellness Event – Chuy’s Happy Hour from 4-7pm
  4. Thursday, 11/17: Wellness Event – Roller Skating from 7-9:30pm

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