What is a T-cell?

Hi everyone!

We hope you have enjoyed this golden weekend. Here are the updates for this week:

1. SketchyMed – Waqas H. and Kevin N., your local Educational IT dudes, are working on obtaining a group discount on SketchyMedical, which was the preferred O&H educational aid for many students last year. It provides a set of video lectures with mnemonic illustrations designed to help students memorize material as efficiently as possible. Here is the link so you can check it out https://www.sketchymedical.com/. We will send an update about the class deal once we have more information. Please check out the poll Kevin posted on Facebook to let us know whether you are interested in subscribing.
2. Student of the Week – Visit the student profile tab to learn about Tina Chu of Fashena College. If you are interested in being highlighted as student of the week, please contact your senators. This is a fun way to learn about our classmates!aaaaaaaaa  
3. SLC updates
  • Student Wellness – We met with Drs. Wiles and Haley, who reminded us of a few key things.
    • Your first appointment with Student Wellness is free.
    • Subsequent appointments are free for students on the Student Insurance Plan, and if you have a different health plan, the office can check your insurance to tell you if you have a deductible.
    • They are located in the S building, on the 2nd floor. If you are facing the Student Center, look to your left, and you should see a ramp, which leads to the Student Wellness office.
    • Wait times can be long but if you have an emergency, they will do their best to fit you in that same day.
    • Please take care of your well-being, med school is hard, there is no shame in needing help from a therapist.
    • They are 100% confidential, unless you specifically ask them to talk to another office on campus.
  • Parking/Medpark – For parking, there is construction on North Campus but no updates for South Campus at the moment. We raised the issue of not having enough housing available at Medpark for incoming first year med students. For now there is no plan to build more student housing but we will be following up on this in the near future.
  • This week we will be having a joint meeting with DIA representatives. Send us any questions or concerns you have about diversity and inclusion on campus.
4. Wall of Memories – Please check out pictures from Halloween posted by Kevin.
We did not receive any photos from y’all last week so here we go again! Please consider sending us some photos. A new feature of our class blog will be to create themed albums featuring our class every week within a new tab entitled “Wall of Memories”. This week’s theme will be Pre+OP weekend. Please send us any pictures you have of Pre+OP weekend so that we can upload them. Note: Only pictures featuring at least 2 classmates will be added to the blog.
5. PC1/PC3 Wellness Activity and Lecture – On Wednesday November 2nd, PC1 and PC3 students will be attending a required wellness event at 1PM. The goal is for us to interact with PC3s and mentors to discuss any lingering questions or comments . Please refer to Evan Barrios’ email (sent Friday 10/28) for further information. There is also a Snyder lecture that will happen at 2:30pm at Gooch. Please make time to attend this lecture.
6. Candlelight Vigil reminder – Anatomy appreciation event on November 28th, 2016. This service is organized each year to give medical students and faculty the chance to express our gratitude for the gifts made to our medical education by the donors and their family members. Anatomy is like no other experience in medicine, and we are truly humbled by their decision. As part of the candlelight vigil, we will have student speakers/performers along with faculty speakers. If you are interested in speaking or performing (Spoken word, Poetry, Singing, etc..), please email Umaru (Umaru.barrie@utsouthwestern.edu) and I (Clementine.young@utsouthwestern.edu). The deadline to contact us will be November 11th, 2016 at 5pm.
7. StuGov Subcommittees reminder – YOU can create a subcommittee within stugov to address an important aspect of medical education. One or multiple members of the student body may present a proposed subcommittee to the Co-Presidents at any time. Upon unanimous approval by the Co-Presidents, the founding student(s) is (are) required to attend a Cabinet meeting for confirmation of their subcommittee. The subcommittee will be confirmed by a two-thirds vote in the affirmative. Following formal establishment, subcommittee members will be recruited by the Subcommittee Chair(s). The subcommittee members shall be approved by the Co-Presidents. Any member of the student body is eligible to participate in a subcommittee.
8. Flu shot reminder – Don’t forget to get it if you haven’t already! The deadline is November 11th. It is important and you can get barred from clinical areas if you do not get it by then.
9. Student Government Meeting – Our next StuGov meeting will take place this Wednesday November 2nd at 3:45PM. Everyone is welcome to attend.
10. Official Facebook Page – We have 224 people on our official Facebook page, which is ALMOST our entire class. If you are not on it yet, here’s the link to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/697961433684749/
Best of luck with the beginning of O&H plus accelerated Anatomy. As always, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.
Clementine and Umaru

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