What’s a sinus?

Hi y’all, and welcome to our shiny new class of 2020 blog!

With the anatomy exam looming ever closer, this will be a short post. Here are the updates for the upcoming week:

1. Second Student Government meeting — We met on Wednesday and Ahana typed up wonderful meeting notes. You are able to read the meeting minutes under the tab entitled “Student Government” if you are interested in finding out what was discussed.

2. Pathoma — The class discount deadline has passed, but we will look into offering another class deal before the Hematology block begins in the spring if there is enough interest.

3. Student Leadership Council — Every week, Wes Norred invites members of the school of health professions, graduate school, and medical school, to discuss various topics with guest speakers. The guests this week were Cameron Slocum and Wade Radicioni, who came to tell us about the process involved with setting tuition and fees. We will be meeting with them again soon to discuss the matter further.
Next Thursday (the 27th), Dr. Preston Wiles and Dr. Charlotte Haley will be telling us about Student Wellness and Counseling Services. Please email us if you have any questions you’d like us to ask.

4. Mock anatomy practical #2 is taking place tomorrow (Sunday, October 16th), don’t forget to bring $10.

5. LCME deadline is Sunday, October 16th (tomorrow), please participate in the survey if you haven’t already. It takes less than 5 minutes and we need a 75% response rate in order to comply with LCME accreditation guidelines.

6. Student Profile of the Week — Every week, we will feature a fellow class of 2020 student on our blog. Kiera Mason (Cary College) volunteered to be featured in our first post. Her profile is posted in the “Student Profile” tab, so head over there to learn more about her. If you are interested in being featured, reach out to your College Senator. This should be a fun way to learn more about all of our classmates.

7. Flu Shots — Don’t forget to get it if you haven’t already! The deadline is November 11th. It is important and you can get barred from clinical areas if you do not get it by then.

Good luck this week, please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or general musings.

Clementine and Umaru


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