10/12/2016 Student Government Meeting

1. Co-President updates
a. Student Health Meeting rescheduled
b. Tuition meeting tomorrow, send us questions if you have any
Let us know with questions before noon tomorrow so they can be brought to the meeting.
c. LCME Update
LCME survey is close to 75% response rate. Senators, please let individual members know and remind them to submit the short survey.

2. Constitution
a. Amendments
The Constitution should reflect the change in the OSR elections, where students vote on candidates that have been vetted by Dr. Mihalic and Dr. Wagner, rather than it being only a dean’s choice.
We should add the DIA election process in the Constitution – it should be specifically outlined and carried out in a similar fashion to OSR.
The way the spending limit was announced at the time of the election didn’t respect the Constitution; there were a few discrepancies. Nothing in the Constitution needs to be changed, with regards to the spending limit for student government candidates.
Keep the election time/voting deadline vague in the Constitution.
The test committee got changed from 4 to 2 members.
Mass emails to MS2020/student body should go to Ahana first and then with her go-ahead, they can be sent to the class. This would not apply to when we send Curriculum emails before a course begins, or when Curriculum committee emails professors.
Surveys will go to Ahana first.
If you want to post something on Facebook that that should be pinned, let us know so we can pin it.
We’ll remove all the old subcommittees from the list and then add them as we go on a need basis.
b. Vote on the newly edited Constitution
Clementine: All those in favor of constitution – [all members were in favor]

3. Reminders
a. When important meetings happen, submit the google form
There should be 1 update submitted via the Google form per important meeting.
b. Use the StuGov One Drive for position updates and record events
For not-as-important meetings (any meeting that happens), put together a Word document and use OneDrive that Kevin created and stick stuff in there. The Google form is for the most important meetings. Use OneDrive for smaller meetings (focus groups, surveys, updates, etc.) so everyone can access them. This serves as a system of records so we and future classes can see how we pulled off events or how the birthday celebrations are set up, etc.
c. Send Umaru, Clementine, and Ahana an email by Sunday night prior to StuGov meetings if you would like to make an announcement to StuGov
Make sure to send emails for the StuGov agenda by Sunday night by 8 pm before the meeting. In addition, also copy Ahana as well as Clementine and Umaru.
d. Do not send emails to the entire class unless they are pre-approved by Ahana
StuGov meeting emails go to Ahana, weekly event emails go to Hannah Justice until November.

4. Announcements
a. OSR – Sanjana
Sanjana: Tomorrow, I am having a focus group to talk about OSR from 4-5 in a library study room.

b. Electives – Donald and Gautam
Electives will remain at lunch time.

c. DIA – Paul and Somto
There is a diversity lunch next week, and a school-wide forum, probably on November 16th during lunch (we will make an announcement soon) – students can discuss issues with diversity with DEA reps and this information will go to the deans. There is a campus climate survey meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 20th, and an email will be sent out with updates. We want to have our first lunch discussion about being allies for people of color and LGBTQ. Other DEA reps need to be contacted but we will have more information soon.

d. Convergence – Al and Rodney
We had a meeting last week and we’ve been giving recommendations by the associate dean of the PA school to reach out to their social chairs – this will involve social chairs, convergence chairs and presidents. There’s an innovation project (case competition) that we could get interdisciplinary teams for, and enter state/national-type competitions.

e. Secretary – Ahana
Secretary’s role will be to take minutes during meetings, post them on OneDrive and the student blog, and send out weekly academic schedule emails. For now, weekly events will still go through Hannah Justice.

f. Social Chairs – Ajay, Connor, Pooja
We’re doing a prom in the fall semester, one for MS1 and one for MS2 – we’re thinking of themes and one idea was Harry Potter, so if we have any ideas, submit it to social chairs.
Halloween party on October 28th. Open to all classes.

g. Test committee – Matthew, Kevin
Test committee is meeting with Dr. Nguyen on Thursday to go through and present the challenges and finish that up.

h. Curriculum – Aakash, Christian
For feedback, if we really like something, you should let us know so we can keep it the same.
There are 3 key things about syllabi – they’re set 2 months before a class starts; a lot of professors have not written their own and don’t want to rewrite them, so they’re not always familiar with the syllabus; the reason they want people in class is because many professors only book their calendars for the lecture that they give – if there’s something wrong, they would rather know during those times they have blocked off, rather than later (this is going to be very important in organ blocks).
If a lot of students liked having questions at the end of lectures, maybe we can propose it to the larger curriculum committee so it becomes a more formal aspect – lecturers would be expected to present these questions.
Being proactive works well for the larger course committees for future courses. For actual structural changes, it’s very hard to make these if we’re in the middle of the course.
If we look ahead and see a conflicting or problematic date for exams or quizzes, tell us months in advance and we may be able to do something about it but if it’s right before the course starts, it’s hard. Rescheduling things is very hard.

i. Global Health – Emily
Global Health Distinction delegation form is due Saturday. (Standard 4 year track)

j. Senators:
Winter Olympics on December 1st. More information to come.
Goals: standardize big siblings program, create a mental health plan for individuals who are experiencing mental health problems (OSR, senators and convergence should get together and see how other schools do it); we should have a collegiate community service event – homeless shelter, or meals on wheels – senators can organize something like this.
Possible toy drive and/or Meals on Wheels for Thanksgiving.


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